Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Canned dodgy in Cannes.

Elsa Pataky is wearing what. At least she is wearing it with a big smile. Emmanuelle Beart has worked on her face a little too much. Fought the hotness! Sad. And Lady Victoria Hervey was born with no style but with a silver Spoon in her mouth.

Does anyone know why Liam Ghallager and Nicole Appleton were doing in Cannes? Their outfits were all kinds of wrong. Liam what is up with the shoes and specs? I don't like the look of Terrence Howard at all. There is just something slimy looking about him here (and in general, sorry).

Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan. I like the lace-up back of the first dress, but the harsh dyed black hair and excess of extensions and her certain 'unclean' swagger kills it. Of course she overdoes it.

And then I liked this second dress until I saw that it had been ripped/cut badly. Seams with threads hanging off is never a good look. This girl just does not care.

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