Monday, 17 May 2010

Not quite getting it..

Ashley Olsen looks swamped in her outfit. And I am disappointed with Leigh Lezzark. Not even she can pull off this mess. Liking the shoes though.

The Sugarbabes look better than I have seen them in a while, yet somehow they always manage to look like they dress in reduced clothes/shoes from New Look/Dorothy Perkins. Kelly Osborne looks so so in this season's must, a maxi dress. The dress is actually OK, but the hair and face leave much to be desired.
Usual contrived mess that is Lady Gaga. *Sighs and rolls eyes.....

What's going on?
What has Boris Becker done to his face? It is looking a little scary. And Whitney, oh Whitney. Ain't got nothin' but love for ya, but she is looking bloated and not great.

Still don't and never will understand the Russell Crowe thing. Not hot at all to me. And fellow antipodean, Rachel Hunter always looks slightly cheap to me. She is pretty enough and seems like a nice person, but her clothes always seem not to fit her properly (either too short, too tight etc.) and her hair always seems to need a touch up and comb. Sorry.

Debbi Harry is laughing her outfit off I guess. I will leave my comment there. And I guess that Catherine Zeta Jones serious about dressing to inspire the 'real housewives' wannabes. Unimpressed yet again. I think if she puts a few pounds on, perhaps the style part of her brain might start functioning again.

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