Saturday, 15 May 2010

Out and about (good and not so good)..

BBC radio Djs Gemma Cairney and Trevor Nelson, I couldn't tell you what I think of their ourfits because I only see blue lipstick and think WTF. I mean really WTF!
Agnes Deyne. I don't understand why she wants the world to struggle to see her beauty. How we look is superficial I know, but I find it can be contrived when you make an anti- fashion statement too.

On the bubble..
Donna Karan in one of her creations. Whilst I love a lot of her work, I am often unsure when I see her in it.

Could it be that we are all Amber Rosed out. I see this and feel a little, well... bored.

Trace Cyrus. That's it. No words, I can't.

Mel B looking fabulous in (yet) another body con dress. And Nigel Barker looks like he is wearing an Tesco suit and shirt package. He can do better I think.

The ankle swinging thing bothers me Jude Law. Why would you want to make your legs look short? It bothers me.  And they are not pre pubescent teens - Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon seem to dress like they think they are. I wondered if this was a 'set'. But it seems they wear this for real. A real shame.

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