Saturday, 15 May 2010


Eva, this dress is not for us. It won't flatter.

I know, not even close, but her hair looks clean and she's wearing a bra. High five for Britney Spears.  Peaches Geldof looks like she took a shower and combed her hair. For that, I will high five her and not say anything about the outfit.  Lindsay Lohan looks OK from the top, then the eyes meet the pink hoochie shorts and stockings and they roll in my head!

Estelle and Swizz beats. I will concentrate on the positive: I like her jacket and hair. He make-up has also improved. I don't understand Swizz's shoes. Someone please explain.  Jade Ewen looks good in this one legged jumpsuit, but there is still something that doesn't sit right with me.  Konnie Huq goes from terrible to nearly in this maxi dress. If she ditched the nurses belt and hairband she might look OK. But she is smiling. Oblivious is bliss!

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