Thursday, 17 December 2009

Looking better than ever..

Princess Bea


I don't want to promote dieting and I love a curvy figure, but Princess Bea has lost weight and it suits her. This is the first time I have seen her looking quite good. I have to say her style didn't always flatter her figure in the past and that was the factor.


Men, pointed shoes don't work

Ashley Walters looks great until you hit the toe area.

It does not flatter...

Men in trousers this tight is all kinds of wrongness. I don't know where to begin..
Will Young, stop. Please, just stop.

Looking like a star

Leona Lewis has come a long way

 Sparkling like e a star. I think she has ‘added’ something around the chest area. Still she looks good.

Not Quite Catherine

The fake fur killed the look Catherine Zeta Jones.

If only she wore a different jacket, she would have made it. The fake fur is looking too Primark and the trousers hang in a strange way in the crotch area. Love the colour of the shoes and the face though.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas shopping looking good

 Ms Berry

Someone please tell Victoria Beckham that this is how you go shopping looking fab and being comfortable too.

Ms Stylish

Gwen Stefani looking great at the premier of Sherlock Holmes

Half coat, half cape, all good!

You think she would have looked in the mirror..

Before hitting the red carpet of her film Nine.

Why Nicole? Why?

Too much money..

...can't necessarily buy you taste.

The Olsen sisters seem to me cute girls playing dress-up!

Looking great

Sade we salute you!

Even though I don't really like her shiny satin outfit (the shoes are OK though), I still think she looks great. She's the same age as Madonna, but there is such a difference in class and composure. Glad to see her back again.

Madonna has too much money

Stop already..

 Nobody tells her to stop. The ‘work’ on her face is robbing her of any warmth and her style is, well, not cool. We know she has a good figure for a woman of any age, but her fashion sense.... Well, what do you say to a woman in her 50’s who wears a black basque and see through lace skirt with visible thigh high stockings? (answer: ‘how much?’).

I can't

The Nude Covers

This one I think is stylish

And perhaps this one is 'obvious'

I think Rhianna is naturally beautiful. However, I think she is a little over the top in her ‘putting it out there’. I am a firm believer of less is more. I’m not a prude, I think the Naomi cover is great, but I think that Rhianna these days is hitting the ‘obvious’ button, more than the sexy and edgy button.

more Rhianna pics when you click below

Show your face please,

Ms B

We know it's pretty. I like the little black dress and red shoes combo. Still can't say I'm feeling the clubbed foot platform shoe look yet.

Monday, 14 December 2009

They do say less is more. But...

There is such a thing as too short!

Less is not more. If you can see the gusset, it is not a good look, no matter how fab you're figure is (and there is such a thing as too see through.. it's December, put a jacket on for goodness sake!).

Nicole Richie...

..really turned out nicely.

Remember her from the days she strung hung out with Paris? She’s definitely a yummy mummy these days. I love the bangles and I think she suits both blonde and brunette.

You're too fab for this...

There's nothing pretty about real fur.

The Good

Not bad Mr Button

Someone knows how to pick a well cut suit.

And the bad..

Chris Eubanks. He will never learn.. There's something eternally chavtastic about carrying Louis V.

Fashion Don'ts.

I just can't with you anymore....

The Comedy Awards.

Weren’t for their dresses.

OK, Vivien Westwood gets away with her eccentricities because she is fashion royalty. But Pammy is looking more and more trailer with bruised arm and brassy everything...

Before Rhianna...

... Was Kellis

Her official photos are always beautiful. She can carry avant guarde looks well

I can't help thinking....

That Melanie Griffith would be prettier without the surgery.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

For my Dad...

My dad’s birthday was yesterday. Diana Ross is his favourite, so here are some pictures for him to enjoy. I’m sure Ms Ross would sing a happy B’day just for him if she knew!

And this one is for my Mum!

Diana - without makeup or Photoshop.

Meet the fine looking Smiths

The Smiths

They are a really beautiful looking family. I’m not so sure that I would let my daughter shave half of her head. She’s very cute and can carry it off. I suppose I don't want to see little girls looking edgy. I'm old school like that. Still very pretty though.

Edgy and cutsey...

I'm a little confused.

People, leotards are tops!

The Jury's out for performing in....

Leotards without bottom garments are just wrong.

The exposure, the camel toe, the wrongness...

Oh Lindsey Lohan!!

This child needs prayer and intervention!

This is just so wrong I can’t. I just can't.

OK Justin, you made me smile.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Real fur is just ugly..

Why Whitney?

She is one of my favourite divas, but......

Firstly, real fur is just really ugly to me. I have yet to see a real fur coat that I thought was nicely designed and didn’t make the wearer look like a foolish animal – aside from the fact I think the whole industry is cruel and unnecessary.

Secondly.... Oh Whitney, I can’t. I won't’. I’ll stop here.

I don't know why, but...

I expected better of Katie Price being an animal lover.

Don't stand next to a supermodel for a photo....

Even if she is in her forties. Tamara Mellon's friends didn't tell her! They didn't tell her not to wear that dress either.