Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looking lovely

Of course Jessica Alba is hot to trot. As usual. Kimora is keeping it fabulous these days. Simple and fabulous. I can say the same for Cindy Crawford. Taylor Swift looks so sweet in this little tea dress. Lovely ladies.
Although not my favourite looks, I love the hair and make up on Estelle and Tika. Love that there is nothing synthetic (OK - lashes). Ad Rihanna's pins are so toned and lovely.
I need Selma Blair's blue suede shoes in my life. I just need them! Tyson Beckford still sizzles. And love Sir Alan Sugar's swagger. Hired!

On the Fence

Love Sarah Jessica Parker's hair and make up, but not the dress. I am not sure what to think of Fearn Cotton's ensemble. I don't love Nicole Ritchie's dress. I note the addition to the chest area.  Sounds wierd, but the blacks clash.  And Kelly Bensimon looks better not drawing attention to the middle area and focusing on her great legs.

Riddle me this... Why?

Something that looks great on a 7ft fit basketball player doesn't neccesarily translate well on someone shorter and wider. And the socks and trainers. I can't. I don't love the I needed my roots done months ago look that Nicola Roberts is rocking. Not lovinf the mish mash ensemble either.  And ripped flared jeans are best left on those who cannot afford anything else. Rachel Hunter should know better.  So should Carol Vorderman. There is nothing right about her dress. Nothing!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Looking gooood!

Jessica Alba is one hot mama. Her wardrobe must be the size of a house. I do love her style. She looks effortless.

Love the wide cut trousers and fitted jacket Michelle Obama is wearing. When she looks good, she looks great! And Miranda Kerr is stunning eve when she is off duty. I covet that coat! Zoe Saldana and Katie Holmes are so glossily beautiful. Chrisina Ricci scrubs up lovely. Not many could get away with orange satin shorts. But she can.
Beyonce is beautiful as a mother. She look lovely. I like JayZ's natural looking mother. And lovely George Clooney sets my heart a flutter. He really is beyond perfect - he ages better looking and more stylish.

I so covet Elisabeth Banks' dress. It is so wearable and flattering.  I might try to make something close.  And I am loving Nicole Ritchie's style evolution. She works hard and looks great. is
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are such an effortlessly cool looking couple. Both in their mid forties, but look good without trying. And Denise Lewis upped her game. She looks nicer when it's uncomplicated. As does Melanie Brown. She can almost do classy. And Kylie Minogue looks great when she doesn't try to do fashion that is too young, short and tight.

Not my fave looks.

Drake and Brad wearing the jumsuit trend that I don't understand. The emperor is naked. It is not a good look, even on the delicious Brad.  And I don't like the faux preppy look Scott Disick is the poster boy.  And I repect Debbie Harry. This choice is... different.

I don't understand Estelle's choice. I do like her hair. I almost like this look on Mel B, it looks a little cheap synthetic/polyester - the hair and dress. Speaking of bad hair, someone please explain why one would chose a wig like this? Why? I cannot!!

I don't understand this choice of poo stained fur. I am still not a fan of fur and think Brandy could do much better. I know Heidi Klum can do better. And Kelly Bensimon is slim but has no waist. This is not the chice of garment that flatters. Nancy Dell Ollo claims to be just 50. This outfit is a little muttony even though she has a good figure.
Lilly Cole has not done herself any favours with this 'flammable' looking dress. And Heidi Range's dress bothers me. It almost works. And Elle is fabulous, but this outfit screams trying too hard. If Rachel Roy wore other shoes, I might have liked the look.