Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sexy and the City (2)

The ladies..
The protagonists return looking great.
Ashanti in a strange textured number. The jury is out here. Alice Eve is wearing the most unflattering dress. The colour and cut is not at all for her. Not at all. And Bo Derick looks very, very lost.

Liza Minelli. Was this influenced by too much or not enough medication/alcohol?  I want to show love to Precious Gabriel, so I will be honest, she needs to lose a lot of weight to get healthy. Those shoes are collapsing under her weight. It's not healthy.

Candace Bushnell looks happy. Botox might have affected her ability to chose a nice outfit. I have nothing positive to say about her look. Also over botxed and dubiously styled is Padma Laskmi. Jennifer Love Hewitt has a figure to kill for. But then you look at the hair and think: what happened. The hotness disappears.

Patricia Fields is the film's stylist. Do as she says perhaps, but not as she does! And the Trumps have too much money and power. Someone should show some love and sort out Mr Trump's hair. Baldness is better than a(n elaborate) combover any day.

Vanessa Williams looks good in her wine coloured one shouldered dress. I liked Jessica Szohr's look until I saw the surgical looking shoes and the back of the outfit. Very unflattering.

Guy Pearce has achieved what I thought impossible. He is wearing a shiny suit and makes it look good. And Jason Lewis and John Corbett smoulder.
After party
Sarah Jessica Parker manages to avoid the hoochie look in a lace dress and lace bra. That is not easy!  Kristin Davis sparkles at the after party. Just sparkles. And how lovely has Keisha Knight Pulliam grown up. Just lovely.

Fun and fun... Liza Minnelli has covered Beyonce's Single ladies. LOL

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