Sunday, 31 October 2010

Best Dressed - October 2010

The usuals...
Sarah Jessica Parker. I expect nothing less than fab (poor woman.. the pressure). The same from Kate moss and now Olivia Palmero.. although she has slipped a lot this month and is on both lists.

From the back to the front, I am loving orange on Beyonce. This figure hugging number flatters, flatters and flatters. Baby sister Solange also looks very cute.

Tiny Tempah is an urban artist with natural style. Love it that he dresses different to his peers. Kanye wears clothes well when he wants to. Those slipper shoes are killing me softly, but the rest of the look is great.

 Rosario Dawson looks fabulous in powder blue satin. It is an unfortunate fabric for creasing though. Aside from that, just lovely. And keeping hot in satin is Garcelle Beauvais. This is the first time that I think she looks super hot. And Kerry Washinton is hot hot hot in orange. Love her hair, dress, shoes and make-up. Bravo

Casual Halle, fancy Halle just fabulous Halle.

 I am still hunting for that cute, economic coat. In the meantime, I like Sophie Ellis Bextor and Kelly Osborne's simplicity and Jamie Lynne Singer's detail

 I think this is one of the best outfits I have seen on Michelle Williams. I love the colour and the cut. Beautiful. I love Ntozake Shange's printed silk gown, It is just stunning. Her style is confident and it makes her look beautiful. And Goldie Hawn wearing her one shoulder well. Love it.

Demi Moore has so much style and so far has not looked like mutton dresses as lamb (take note Madonna and Kylie). Kylie Minogue shows off fashion bi polar - looking really great here though so lets celebate.  Beyond lovely.
Classics! Classically beautiful and classy Thandie Newton.  Naturally fab Sandra Bullock. Billy Ocean looks good here. I know this view is controversial, but I stand by it!

  I just love Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. How gorgeous are they looking?  And such a star darhling! Joan Collins dazzles.

 The change begins (let's hope). Love this Alexander McQueen outfit on Estelle. She looks sexy and cute. Great hair too.Well done! And the orange dress also flatters.
British beauties (though I think Sienna Miller mightbe American), Sienna Miller, Frida Pinto and Rula Jebreal looking stunning.

The shape and fabric works so she has it in black and white. Love it Tolula Adeyemi. And Chanel Iman, and Natalia V are covered from top to toe, yet look sexy and hot. Take note Kardashians - I say that from a kind place.

Black and classic. Natalia V, Kirtin Scott Thomas and Dita Von Tease. Janet in grey. Fashion bi polar and is on both lists. Looking great here.

Ending on randomness.  Justin Timberlake. I'll give him props for looking like that. Ending on I wish yumminess that is Omari Hardwick. I have no clue who he is or what is does, but I am enjoying the view.

October - On the fashion fence

Sharon Stone looks good, but there is something 'off' about her looks. I am not feeling the wet look pointy stilletto. Although the rest of the look is good for me. Unsure about the leather dress. Liz Hurley *sighs*

Anna Wintour looks fine, but her looks are the SAME. I kind of expect more from someone who recieves free clothes from the most exclusive designers in the world. I love Andre Leon Talley. But this... this makes me want to weep.

Helena Bonham Carter and Britney Spears are not in the worst dressed because they are true to their style. And Britney is looking washed. It's one step at a time. I am hoping that she moves on to the hair issues next.
I think this is the best I have seen JLo and Katherine Heigle for a while. I am not 100% with JLo because her hair/make-up and facial pose is stuck in 1997.

These are not bad looks for Halle. But she usually does much better. And Olivia Palermo is slipping. I hate real fur too.
I feel for Kylie and Beverly. They were known for being sexy and beautiful. It is a burden in later years when youth fades. Just because youth fades, does not mean that the beauty does. I feel that these ladies don't really know how to deal with it and sometimes look like 'mutton'. Though I do love the black lace on Kylie.

I would love Solange Knowles outfit without the jacket. I need those booties in my life somehow. Ciara should have worn some pretty strappy sandals or shoes. The animal print can look market stall cheap sometimes. This is one of them andit's a shame because the dress, wig and make-up look good. I am so on the fence with Nicole Richie here. I think the hair cut/colur are distracting me. And again Estelle not hitting the mark. I don't know who is doing her make-up but it needs to stop.  Please call me girl. I got your back!!

This is a dress I expect Helen Mirren to wear, not Mila Jovovich. I think the hair and dress are great, but then I see drag queen when I look at the face/make-up. And I actually think that this look is somewhat restrained and pretty on Victoria Silvsted.

This dress is lovely from the side and and back on Thandie Newton. It's just the front falls.. well flat and unflattering. Perhaps if it were shorter.

Not the best or worst for Kerry Washington and Vera Wang (hate the fur!). And I am surprised and pleased to see Peaches Geldof looking clean and pretty.

I am on the fence here. I can't work out why I am not quite convinced with Heidi Klum or Jenny's outfits. I think it is the blouse in both. And I do like the shoes and trousers with Rachel Roy. I just really don't like this cut of jacket.

Not great and not bad. I think Scarlett looks a little akward and Twiggy..

I don't know what has happened to Uma Thurman and her sense of apperance. She looks happy and that's what matters I suppose.