Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Good, the bad and the interesting... so far

The Good..
Veronica Webb is still holding together fantastically well. Satin often does not work, but it so does here on her. And her shoes look great too. Nick Cannon and Jay Z look great in their suits. Mr Cannon needed an upgrade. I like his grey shoes too.  I just Love Rachel Bilson's casual styling.

The Bad..
I don't know what happened to Selma Blair. I know where you are looking, but even that doesn't not detract from the awkwardness of the outfit. It does not work. Ashley Olsen is trying to hide. She knows this outfit is not working in anyway at all. At all.  Ferne Cotton is not having a good day. I am not feeling the socks on show, be they ankle, long, or short. It is not a good look ladies. Not a good look.

Sarah Jessica Parker is perplexing me with her pendulum swinging style. The top half is OK, but the bottom half offends me a little. I'm sorry.  Kelly Roland has some awful wigs. Her real hair is OK. I suppose it detracts form the not very good outfit.

The Interesting!
So, how did this work. Eddie Murphy and his ex Mel B at the same place with 'their' children. Interesting. Though I hate to admit it, Eddie and his clan look way better than Mel B and hers. I don't know who is styling them, but they look like they need some TLC.

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