Friday, 29 April 2011

The Bride Wore McQueen

The Guests wore it well..

The Beckhams looking great as expected. Zara Philips made a great choice as did her cousin Tara Parker-Tomlinson.

Elton John looked smart.  Joss Stone looked a little too 'BHS' high street for me, but still respectfully dressed. The Spanish royals were understated, although the jury's out on Princess Letiza's hat.

And not so well...
Finally, Princess Beatrice's choice did not offend, but her sister Princess Eugines is devoid of any taste and co-ordination. I hope they all enjoyed the day.  Nick Clegg's Spanish wife had the worst outfit of the day. Her panty line was clearly visible and the choice of fabric/garment/hat just puzzle me. Really, I am confused.

Looking great so far this month - April 2011

Not unusual for Common to be on my best dressed list, but it is unusual for Curtis Jackson (my guilty secret crush) to be so well turned out. He must have hired a new stylist. And Farell Williams has left the boy sweats at home and it looks great.
Jessica Alba is such as stylish mother(again) to be. Love how she keeps dressing the bump well.
Selma Blair, Victoria Beckham are also doing pregancy with uber flair. And I cannot believe that Miranda Kerr had a baby 3 months ago. This is just not fair. Liz Hurley is representing well for the older mothers too.

This is one time I do like Willow Smith's little Chanel suit. And I adore Kingston and Zuma Rosendales little men swagger! The suits are stunning.
Christie Brinkley looks great at 57. I salute her. And I Courtney Cox has a killer figure, dressed for business! And I liked Kylie twice this month so far.
So far I have not seen Chanel Iman looking bad. That's something. And Zoe Kravitz is genetically cool. I don't usually like the style of 'baller' wives, but Lebron James' better half looks stunning in white - this season's 'black'. Cat Deely, scrummy in monochrome. And Kelly Rowland casually fab, from wig to shoe!

 The Controversial- Loving Kelly Osborn in Vivien Westwood and her mother looks slick in her uniform trouser suit.  There is something 'sex and the city' that I like about Fergie's outfit.  And I love the fact that Kelis is genuinely cutting edge. I am not sure about the Morris dancer bells (I think) on her shins, but love the fact that she can carry it off.

Teyana Taylor (don't ask, I don't know!) looks stunning in this black dress with the red suede shoe. Old school Diana Ross glamour. Loving Zoe Saldana too, dressy and casual.  Love the Djmon and Kimora union. Gorgeous with their little heartbreaker.

Jennifer Hudson still hitting the right notes with her choices.  And hasn't little Miss Sunshine grown up. Abigail Breslin is unrecognisable in her teens.  I am ignoring the chemical issues on the face and love Kim Kardashian's choice here. And Toccara represents real curves. Fierce.

Can't decide...

Beyonce (and husband) were in Paris this month. I loved some elements of her choices - The patent red shoes and matching lipstick, the sequinned jacket and nude leather jacket; and there were some elements that I really didn't like: the tranny, platform Mary Jane pumps. And I think Marc Jacobs should hang his head in shame for putting his name to the frumpy coloured/shaped final outfit. Beyonce's beautiful face works her looks as best she can.