Friday, 28 May 2010

London Calling.. Sexy in the city

I have no real words of encouragement here. It seems Cynthia exchanged her breasts for a weave. Bad choice. I'll leave it there.

Not ready for the close-ups
Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon both look a little off. Could be jet lag, but that doesn't explain the weave situation and unflattering dress for Cynthia. And then there's the hair dye issue that Chris Noth has. It needs addressing.
Alice Eve has redeemed herself with this outfit. We can forget the New York episode.  Konnie Huq is looking better than her usual effort. It is not quite there, but nearer than it has been for a long time. Kylie is also looking fresher than I have seen for a while and I like her dress too.

Chris Rock never ages. The eternal cheeky chappie who scrubs up well. Emma Bunton is just getting better with age. Lovely silk shift and cute shoes too. I only have props for Alex Burke, but I am not really feeling this velvety number. It's an almost for me.

A suspiciously frozen faced looking Amanda Holden looks like she has unleashed her inner Katie Price. It's not pretty people. It's not pretty. Daisy Lowe looks clean here. I'll end with the positive.

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