Monday, 31 January 2011

January 2011 - Best dressed

I love Michelle Obama's red patent leather gloves. Mixed with the navy coat it looks cool. Alesha Dixon looks absolutely stunning here. She needs to keep a hold of this stylist.  Thandie Newton is even prettier in real life. It's not fair.
Jade Williams in a great leather dress. Zoe Saldana is stunning, I love the top part of her outfit, but not the skirt so much. Keeping with the positive. Cat Deely looking lovely in lilac. A one shoulder that is slightly different. Angie Harmon is brave to wear a strapless jumpsuit. It was worth the risk.
 I do like this hair length on Jessica Alba and I still love her casual style too. Kate Bosworth has had some great outfits this month and inspired me to buy a coat like this in the sale.  How hot is Rob Lowe looking? I never really got the fuss when I was younger, but there I can see why here. I just loved John Galliano's look for his Haute Coture show this month. The fringe and suit and everything just looks fine. For the first time I think he looks as stunning as his show!

The Kardashian Sisters. Yep you read it right. I am loving her style at the moment. Not everything, but enough for her to make this list this month. And I am putting her sister on the list. She looks pretty hot without drag queen make up or hair extensions. And also Fearn Cotton has made it with a coat that I covet.

January 2011 - On the fence

I do like Cyndi Lauper and her look. It's not for everyone, but she can carry it off. Mishca Barton looks healthy. I am undecided about it. Jamie Chung is wearing animal print well, but I'm not sure. And Rachel Zoe looks good, I would have loved this in a different colour and shorter.

January 2011 - Not the best dressed...

She made the best and the worst. Back with the drag queen clothes, extensions and make up. Not great. Speaking of fake hair, not really feeling John Travolta's wig. I thought this was Britney, but it is Linsday Lohan.

All of Paris Hilton's money couldn't buy her class.  Nancy D'Ollo is still dressing as mutton for my tastes. I'm not saying dress like an OAP once you hit 50, but some class. Please. Lindy Cundy just seems overdone to me. I can't look for too long. It is slightly disturbing.

Vanessa Feltz just needs a makeover in my opinion. Especially in the hair department. She has been wearing the 'fried blond' look for too long. Time to switch hairdressers. I say that from a kind place.  Lil Kim and her camel toe manage to detract from the 'situation' neck up. I can't.  The Black Eye Peas irk me somewhat.  I do love some of their tunes, but I find their style a 'trying hard'.

Perhaps it is a UK winter thing? Simmonds girl (Vanessa) has let herself down a little with the hair and garment choice. I think she is better than this. Sarah Harding.. I can't. Bandmate Kimberly Walsh is looking happy, so I'll leave it there. Also smiling is Kerry Katona. She looks healthy, but the pose does not help 'showcase' the less than great outfit.

They all should know better. Designer, Karl L and self acclaimed style icon, P Diddy should know better so I don't know why they always dress like this. Claudia Schiffer again showcasing her surburbian non-style. I am not feeling it at all. An Olsen twin in another fugly fur and outfit. Anne Hathaway wore this out. She needs to fire the stylist.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Haute Couture - Paris 2011

Karl Largerfield - Chanel
I am not convinced. Beautifully cut, but I have to say I didn't feel the styling and didn't feel inspired or covet anthing. My taste.

Etam (yep! High Street.. the same).
I have to say I was shocked. Etam is serious about repositioning itself as a 'luxury' brand. Let's see how it does. I like it, but I will seriously weep if the fabric is polyester and nylon. I am expecting silk and high threadcount cotton! Beth Ditto

Armani Privee. High end, aspirational.

My Fave!! John Galliano for Dior.
I loved his collection. Loved it. Coveted pieces.. The whole show was beautifully styled. Just Beautiful. Plus I thought he looked hot too for the first time.
My other Fave - Stephane Rolland

I covet nearly the whole lot, all very practical of course!

Stephane Rolland and Karl and Diddy (sighs... killing me softly).