Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June 2010 Best Dressed.

Yes, Jess!
Jessica Alba. Her casual wardrobe is cool. She probably has a stylist that hangs each outfit for her everyday, but she manages to not look contrived. I salute you!
Rachel Bilson. She looks great from her head to her toes. The only smudge is the nude sandals with the opaque black tights. If they were a darker colour it would have completed the outfit better.

When Kate Hudson looks good, she looks great. La la la laah! Loving it. The same with Maggie Gyllenhaal (I think this is how you spell it, I spell it differently every time. Sorry!)

Drew Barrymore is kookiness personified. When she hits the right notes, she hits all of them.  And I don't like putting heiresses on my list, because I get the sensation that all they think about are how they look. But I think that she looks great, even if she might spend an inordinate amount of time on her look (but think about it, so does Lady Gaga and she offends).
Other notables this month were:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, they are a great looking couple. Loving the maxi dress here.

Showing love to Sandra Bullock who through her nighmarish personal difficulties is smiling and looking fabulous.

That time of the month.. June 2010 Worst dressed.

Where do we being? I suppose with the usual suspects!
Catherine Zeta Jones. On a positive note, there is more colour this month and I liked her red dress (I posted earlier). It's not been all bad, but still.. bad enough.

Estelle. No words. I just weep. I weep.

How can someone offend so often? How? I think Sir Bob needs to cut up the credit cards and make them get jobs and hang out with normal people.

No better is sister, Pixie Geldof. No words for this foolishness. Rolling my eyes.

Kelly Osborne. No words.

Lindsay Lohan. Shower. Exfoliate. Sleep. Friendly advice.

Closely followed by
Fergie. I don't know where to begin, it's all wrong. Wrong.

Kesha. She is anti style, antifashion, anti clean. She looks like she might smell. I know that's a harsh thing to say, but it appears like the shower and her are not well acquainted. Trying to be different, but just being trying.. Princess Euguinie. No words.

Kellis. Killing me softly. That is all.  Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats (what kind of name is that for a grown man, father of soon to be two children?). Pregnancy is no excuse for any of this.

Henry Holland. Hot mess. Peter Facinelli is wearing trousers that are far too tight, a jacket far too short and small. He has the sense to wear shades! Padma, oh Padma! This is a perfect example of someone who is known for being sexy before she became a mother who is trying too hard to squeeze into outfits that she is not quite ready for. This month has been filled with too short and too tight 'look at me, I'm still hot' outfits. A little sad.

Amelle Berrabah. Hot mess. Lady Victoria Hervey. A hot mess.

Whitney Port and the baggy gusset. A big NO. Fellow famous for being rich, Paris Hilton. Money is not buying her any style at all. At all

They should know better...
Eva Longoria Parker has slipped recently. Not liking her choices, although she has not really offended. I think she should go back to her old stylist.

I felt let down by two of my fashion favourites, Yasmin Le Bon. What was this look? And Kate Hudson made both lists this month. They let me down.