Tuesday, 25 May 2010

LG Fashion

Whilst I like Victoria Beckham's dress (from her collection), Eva Longoria is killing me softly. Did she even look in the mirror? Her makeup looks blind/guesstimated applied in the back of the limo.  This dress is hideous and the make up is drag queen.

I am on the fence with Selma Blair's look. Jessica Stroup's dress is very pretty but I do not like the stripper shoes at all.

I am not enchanted with Rosario Dawson's choice. Whilst it is not hideous, the silver wrap dress does not flatter.  The Simpsons. Ashely looks good and Jessica looks.. well, the dess does not flatter, it is from Victoria Beckham's collection and I see it looking OK on VB, but it ooks streatched and wrong on Jess. It makes her look a little plump and looks uncomfortable in her breast area. I always feel disappointed with Rachel Zoe's outfits. Always.

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