Friday, 30 April 2010

On point..

At the Ballet
Sarah Jessica Parker is swinging hot on her fashion pendulum right now. I like the peacock shimme bluse and how she has matched the blouse and clutch, and the dress with the shoes - it all ties in together perfectly!  Natalie Portman looks good but it's not the best I have seen her.

Fashionably Charitable

Halle Berry hot as always.
She officially gets better with age. I think she would make a sack look great.

I don't understand what is going on with Eva Mendes. I thought this was Raquel Welch at first glance. And Nothing seems to go well in the outfit department with Estelle. I am liking her hair though and we leave it there on a positive note.

Solange Knowles looks fabulous. I love the little dress and her hair and makeup are on point too.
Kyle is looking like she is on the same beauty regime as fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman. She needs to talk to Halle.


Well, she kind of upgraded by wearing a bra. But I still don't understand what is going on with the hair. Her hair must have grown back already. These extensions are a shame. And the make up. At least she hasn't started 'retouching' her face/body. I will high five her for that!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Work has been done...

I am Scared!
Do you think Calvin Klien thinks he looks natural and younger? Does he? Better not fight nature.. I can't look for too long. This gaze scares me.

Yes, Liz Hurley is holding up well for 45, but she's looking a little worked, not least the lips (they have the rigid quality)! Lip filler, don't deny it. It is not looking good Ms Hurley. Not good!

Kim Kardashian is looking waaay too plastic/transgender for me. I think she has done something to her mouth area (maybe more). It is not good look and if it can be reversed, I would recommend that she does it!

I hope she stops. Clearly Megan Fox is very pretty, I just hope she stops at this lip size. And I get the feeling that Lindsay Lohan will look soo much better with some clean living (regular sleep and washes). No amount of makeup, hairdye, fake tan or lip filler will make her look better.

I am bothered when the young pretty ones start tweaking and twerking. Clutching my pearls. Indeed!

Not their Worst or Best

Not their Worst!
Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears look better than they usually do! I can't quite use the word 'good' but still better is an improvement.

What happened..
The fabric is beautiful and that's as far as the positive comments can go about this odd jumpsuit that Nicole Richie is wearing. Jessica Alba might have made this month's best dressed list, but for the birthday outfit that she is wearing. I almost like it. I want to like it. It's not happening for me. ZZZoe Kravitz needs to come back. I think she is listening to stylists rather than being true to her quirky chic. The belt seems to be the wrong colour and the shoes look like cumpy hoppers to me.
I am concerned that the new trend is showing a lot of crochet.  Although this dress, worn by Aleander Burke does not offend me. I like Alexandra Burke's outfit on her – minus the shoes. Looks like lady will snap an ankle in those. She looks like her fringe could do with a trim. I don't know why Kerry Washington does not look quite right, her proportions seem a little odd in this photo.  Maybe she would benefit from a fringe too.

Colin Farell looks OK – he went through a skinny 'heroin chic' phase and his swagger never recovered, but his lady, Alicija Bachleda really looks good. The same with Channing Tatum, his lady looks cute - not too sure about him!
I like the dress on Eva Longoria, but the make up was applied by a drag queen! Madonna's baby girl looks kind of embarrassed to be with her mother. She's really grown up quickly. Her style so far doesn't offend. She looks cute.
SJP looks very good here. See what I mean  about the style pendulum? Heidi Klum has the new haircut has been slicked back. I think she might be having second thoughts about the page boy bob.

This is a shopaholic!

What a life (I think it would bore me though)! Victoria Beckham always manges to shop – every day! She even has classy security to carry her bags!

She even drags injured husband along (if I had a hot  hubby, I would be dragging him everywhere - semi naked too!). She looks good but also looks like she could relax a little more though!


I heart Sandra Bullock!

April's Best Dressed List

Chloe Sevigny looks like a hot one. Dani Minogue's style has literally blossomed. I like Charlize Theiron's look here and I need those shoes in my life.

Rachel Roy, classic and fashionable! I salute. Leigh Lezark really understands her swagger, she mixes colurful florals well with black. I love that Halle Berry knows how to look great on the red carpet and everyday too.

007! Daniel Craig dresses down very well! Glee's Mark Salling is becoming my guilty pleasure. David Beckham looks so deliciously vulnerable hobbling around. Note that he maintains his fab!

April's Worst Dressed

Jennifer Lopez
JLo in Europe this week. Fried hair, overweaved, drag queen make up... these are the positve comments. One hot mess after another. I think she woke up in a drag queen dream!

Catherine Zeta Jones.
Catherine Zeta Jones is lost! I don't get it, it seems that neither does she! She needs a good stylist to get it together for her.

Toni Braxton
At fortysomething with a decent figure, but still this is fabulously bad. Nothing flattering about this. This looks looks like a stripper's outfit, not something to wear out to dinner. Looking like a mid-life crisis to me!

*rolling my eyes*
Speaking of which, I have no words for Amber. She's been a little out of the limelight and needs to call attention back again. Nothing nice here. Paris Hilton, this outfit screams ho ho ho (not father Christmas either!).  Bianca Gascoigne is looking to steal Jordan's crown. Where do I begin. I won't. Enough!
Claudia Winkleman! Oh dear, the cape contraption does not look comfortable, neither do the odd boots that make her feet look like stumps. I love Donna Karan's clothes but not how she puts them together herself. Sorry Ms Karan, she should know better. I don't understand Melissa George's outfit. I am confused.
Katie, Katie, Katie! Confused and lost! I still hate the 'statement' bag. In this case it looks a plastic mess. Mischa Barton belongs here after her choices this month! And Kelly Osborne needs to rinse the granny purple before I take her style choices seriously again!  
Gwenyth Paltrow does not seem to realise that there is such a thing as too short and too tight (the white legs make me feel too cold!). Sarah Jessica Parker. Sorry, but I have to for being a fashion pendulum swinging from great to.... well, this.

Riddle me this: how does a Billionaire's daughter, Tamara Ecclestone manage to look so cheap. Please somebody? I know Konnie Huq is not that rich, but still there is no excuse for this slackness.

Lindsay Lohan is at home on this list. I am disturbed by her 15 year old sister. She looks like she has 'seen' things. The road looks rocky!

I weep for the little ones. Justin Beiber, I have not words for his pubescent stylings. I still don't get the fanatical attraction with Channing Tatum. And Zachary Quinto has to quit attempting perfection. He looks over groomed and it fights his hotness.
When a swimsuit is not 'pretty' at least it has to be functional. Beyonce's swimsuit fails her on so many levels.