Saturday, 31 July 2010

July 2010 Best Dressed

Due to some gremlins in my computer I lost half of my saved images. Both lists were bigger, but anyway, here are the contenders..

Jessica Biel.
Looking very hot twice this month. Keep the stylist.

Twice for Alex Burke too.
This lady has a beautiful smile!

Jeans fab
Jennifer Aniston wears casual so well. Always. Rachel Bilson is back to her cool fab again after her slip earlier. Good jeans and a simple top is so simple, classic and classy. Eva Longoria Parker looking good again.

Brits looking great.
Not often do I get to put Alesha Dixon in a best dressed, but she looks so pretty in pink here. Amber le Bon's mother is the super model Yasmin. She has it in her genes! Naomi Harris also looks great in this summer print dress. I think she could put on a few pounds though, her head looks slightly large for her tiny frame.
Holly Valance also looked lovely in a summery print dress. Gavin and Gwen sound like a Welsh couple, but they are the uber cool rock couple (family).

Alicia Keys is looking blooming lovely during her pregnancy. It suits her. Rachel Roy has he most hypnotising eyes. I am loving her satin jumpsuit.

July 2010 Worst Dressed

Madonna by a million miles this month.
I think even if Madonna has stylists, she does what she wants and currently what she wants is bad taste.

These pork pie hats and polyester sweat suits are not flattering. Least of all on a 51 year old woman.

Fellow denier, Nicole Kidman is looking extra plastic, waxy and pale. It nearly frightens me.

And Meg Ryan on her off day. Which is quite off (like mine too!). I'm just disappointed in this ook for Vannessa Williams. She is better than this. So much better. And, Liz Mclaron wearing WTF is that? Excuse me, but really?

Regulars: Paris Hilton. No words. Britney Spears is trying (to offend again). No words. I weep.

Christian Milian is going through a tough time. A new mum and a divorce. I get it that she wants to show the world (her ex) that she is till hot and desirable, but going for a stroll with Mel B in impossibly high ugly shoes, and ugly ripped jeans that are too tight and demonstrates how much infirm flesh can spill through the gaps is not a good look. Not at all.

Melody Thornton, for real? No words. Unfortunately, I know that Katie Price is for real. *blank stares*

Kesha. Not the worst I've seen her. I'll leave it there. Coco Rocha (no clue who she is or what she does) and Ed Westwick look like they are trying too hard to be 'cool' kids. They miss the spot.

Kelly Brooke wearing hooker heels in the sweltering summer sun. It offends me on so many levels. Firstly, cannot see any aesthetic merit to these boots (they're ugly!); but also they are soo not appropriate for the weather. Another boots and tights in the summer sun wearer is Charlotte Church. The dress is not pretty. I'll leave it there.
And if course a special mention for our girl, Foxy Brown. She coordinated her tanga with her nail polish. That is really classy! Look and learn. Look and learn!

On the bubble - July 2010

They didn't quite make it into the best or worst dressed for this month, but they deserve a mention.
Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. For that, I ignore the wig, the dress and the weight/health issues. I salute you Aretha. Jerry Hall is human. Lets leave it there.

I don't get Angelina Jolie (I can see she is beautiful etc, but I don't get the fuss), but here she is striding and striking. Liz Hurley is starting to look a little hammy to me these days.

Estelle is always found on my worst dressed list. In first photo, she looks OK, then I see the full length shot and it's a struggle for me not to. I do like her hair. I don't understand the dress/shoe combination. I am confused.

Mel B in her 'oh those pesky paparazzis (I got my publicist to call)' look. She has lost some of the muscle definition, but still looks great in a bikini. Another Physique that gets a lot of attention is Serena William and her behind. I am amazed. I didn't know they made jeans for that shape. Really.

Heidi Klum looks good. Not great, but good. Zoe Kravitz's dress is pretty. Those shoes are not and do not do anything for this (or any) outfit. Kelly Osborne looking better than usual. Not great, but better.

Cassie is beautiful and I do like her edgy look. However, she shovels make up with the contact lenses, she looks a little like (beautiful) a Filipino lady boy.

Gabourey Sidibe is just too fat. Too fat. Her arms are the size of thighs. I cannot see what she is wearing, I just see the obesity and short life expectancy. I hope she gets some help. Soon.

My guilty pleasure, 50 Cent's swagger has lost his edge for me. I can't say what it is exactly. Perhaps it's the expensive suit that just looks average. I quite nearly like Charlotte Church's sunglasses and hat combination, the outfit was not so great – hence I cropped it out.