Monday, 31 May 2010

May 2010 Best Dressed.

Sarah Jessica Parker - I need those shoes in my life (I know that I am ignoring some of her more casual, confused days - she has a hectic schedule right now!), Rachel Stevens, pregnant and looking better than me who isn't.

I know, I know! I don't know when I can get away with this without being gratuitous, so here are some player for next month' world cup. The bods are lovely (I can't be doing with men who shave their chests though!). I am a bit disappointed with the package size though! I'm sure their ladies are happy.

May 2010 - Worst Dressed.

The winner!
Catherine Zeta Jones has has a stand out month. I really don't now what happened, she used to have OK style and now it has GONE.

She has competition though!
Lindsay Lohan: Fried hair, fake tan and general scuzziness, now wearing boots in the sweltering heat to cover up her alcohol tag. Classy. Girl still needs prayer and intervention. Really, I say that from a kind place.

Madona and her midlife crisis. 

Beth Ditto, nobody needs to see this! Cheryl Cole's inner chav is alive and well.

The Family Edition!
The Geldof Girls... Needing a wash, grooming and some real maternal love and guidance. The Olsens sisters.

Russell Brand and Britney Spears are well comfortable on this list.

And Kelly Osborne and her erm, boyfriend. And mum, keeping style in the family.

If I ever see someone in these jeans for real......
I say no more. I weep. I quit.

Out and About

Done well by Halle Berry (43!!!!)

Not done well by Kelly Rowland! In what mish-mash nightmare did this look good?

When will the madness stop? If you can't walk in them and you are not a stripper, leave these hooker platform heels alone. I am so tired of this. Mylie, child get a clue!

OK, OK, Maxi Dresses are here..

Maxi dresses in general flatter. They hide grooming sins and can make us feel pretty on a 'fat' day. Hurrah for the maxi dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a stunning shade of blue. I expect nothing less from her! Never would I put Kerry Katona in the same paragraph or even sentance as SJP (or even in my blog), but her 'make over' is working well for her. I congratulate her for looking less chav and nearly hot.

And Rhianna in Israel wearing a monochrome and colourful number. Lovely.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Rest in Peace

Dennis Hopper has died after a fight against cancer. We wish him peace.

There is something..

to be said about being without sin before casting a stone. Trinny and Susannah look terrible. Trinny's face looks overworked on and is starting to scare, and her dress looks like something you buy in a China Town (everything for under £5); and Susannah's outfit beings and ends with 'too young and tight for you'.

Keeping alive

Alicia Keys chose her 'Keep a Child Alive' event in London to confirm that she is pregnant and engaged. Hence the frou frou number, I think it works as a maternity last resort outfit, but I think it is too early for her to be wearing this. Having said that, she looks pretty.

Thandie Newton is back to looking flawless and fabulous again. Hurrah! And Naomie Harris looks sweet, but her outfit and hair look a little middle aged to me. She can do better.

Now you know what he looks like. Christian Louboutin. The shoe queen.  And Chris Martin and Tiny Temapah look... erm different. Tiny's look concerns me less.

Konnie Huq is keeping true to her own sense of style. A jumble sale mish mash of odds and ends.  Katie Price and Husband representing for the trashy stylisitas everywhere.