Tuesday, 1 May 2012

So! I don't know what the deal is with Blogger or Google/Gmail. But I don't like it and I can't get with the constant changes for changing sake. Instead of making things easier, they're harder. I am retiring the blog... I thought about it for the past few days. I might use another supplier - I have a duplicate in Wordpress, but I feel like this has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who came and saw! I hope that you enjoyed and even smiled a little. I won't take it down, so look back whenever you want to!

One love! xxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Out and About - looking good

Love Ricky Martin's swagger. I think he upped his game when he came out. Beautifully groomed in a tux.  And love Rihanna and Stella McCartney in black jumpsuits. Miranda Kerr is wearing the only acceptable version of 'that' dress I hate. And she wears it well.

Lola Leon is blossoming really nicely. Rihanna has lovely casual swagger in velvet shorts. And I love Halle Berry in her casual t-shirt and shorts. Too fine.  Liv Tyler always manages to look glossy and pretty. Flawless!

Out and about - I am unsure

I love a lot of Solange's fashion choices. This is not one of them. I like the hair. Jessica White upgraded. I don't love it, but it is so much better than some of her usual choices.  And I do like Mel B here. I almost love Gwen Stefani's choice. I am not that fond of the pelmet waistline. with leggings.

I am not feeling Jessica Alba here. Nor Halle Berry. What's going on ladies? They are usually my best dressed.

Out and about - Why?

There is so much wrong with Melody Thornton's look. We can over look the skunk hair, but we REFUSE with the dress. REFUSE! Why Key Osborne? Why? I know Amber Rose is an attention junkie, but I cannot with with the gorilla trainers (or anything else with the look).  I cannot wait for this Stella McCartney dress to be retired. The emperor is NAKED! This dress does not work.

The horses are out. It is the grand national and I can't believe that the trend for the hoof platform has not abated. I can't for much longer. And good old Nancy Dell Ollo. She thinks she looks good and that is what counts.

I don't love Lana Del Rey's choice (or knifed up nose and lips). Again, I don't get the attraction. I do like Rihanna, she has something really special, but I am not loving this choice. At all. And Kylie is in her mid forties and is a look that Rihanna might be able to carry off, but not Kylie anymore. It just ages her now. She is too fab for this. I like Kirsten Stewart's top half, but the skirt reminds me of my school uniform (French Navy, unflattering A-line). I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Out and about - looking good!

I do love Mrs Obama when she gets it right. Love the jacket and metallic jeans. Hilary Swank is smoking in such a simple Jersey dress. Love it. And for the second time, Taylor Swift is on  my best dressed list. Love the simplicity and the details.

Loving new mum Beyonce's colourful style. Beautiful. And Rihanna has made some great choices, with the exception of the fried blonde with dark roots wig.

Love Diane Kruger's cape dress. I could rock that with leggings (if I had anywhere to go).  I also need the shoes that Kat Deeley is wearing.  Love Solange's style. I need the blouse.  Again, Victoria Beckham would look perfect if she smiles.

Well done Kelly Bensimon, dressing for her shape. I love this look from Katy Perry, she looks like a fantasy comic character in her metallic detail dress. Metallic detail is again working well for Kate Moss. She rocks simple shirt and slacks. 

Out and about - On the fence with these looks

Rihanna is a beautiful lady. I am just unsure about this jacket as a dress. I think it needs some nice black cigarette trousers.  And I love a little Beyonce, she is stunning and so sweet and protective of her young. I am confused by the fur content of her cardigan. I am pleasantly surprised that Rachel Zoe is wearing something that fits her.

I think they have fabulous figures, but Cathy and Naomi Campbell look like they borrowed a couple of teenagers dresses.  And Kesha looks clean and decent. We'll leave the comments there.

I nearly really like J Lo's outfit. She is maintaining well in her forties.  And I wish Victoria Beckham smiled more. She always looks uptight and a little miserable, my sources tell me she is a funny sweet person. Good for Lindsay Loham for taking a wash and wearing a coat that I need in my life.  I do like Rachel Roy, but recently, her choices are leaving me a little baffled.