Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Best dressed..

Vogue ex editor Carine looks fabulous. This woman is in her late 50's! Ciara also hit it well. Love Nicole Richie's swagger. Love it.

Corrine Bailey Rae is hot to trot. I want her hair. The regulars, Stella Mac, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani, still loving their style.

The fashionista comes good. Love Rachel Zoe's looks for fashion week. It usually irritates me when she doesn't hem her trousers, but it is cool.  I am loving the elegance of Jessica Biel, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo. Love it.
My regular Jessica Alba and also Heather Small is banging. She is aging so well. And love the casual, easy elegance of Jennifer Aniston.
The first couple. Love how they co ordinate well. Sweet!

On the Fence

I love Demi Moore and how she has managed to stay so fresh over the years, but she looks a little thin.  Almost Estelle, almost. I drool over George Clooney, but I think the jeans don't flatter that much. Hands up who thinks Ciara's stylist is a drag queen?

Not understanding this...

I don't understand Marisa Tomei's choice of outfit. Still not feeling JLo's style. Lindsay Lohan still looks like she is needing loveand prayer. That is all. Mary J Blige's tatoos illustrate choices made in our 20's haunt us in our 40's.

Sinnita looks fabulous in her 40's, but the weave needs to retire.  I want Kylie's cuteness back. I think it is the top.  I like Jessie J channeling Nikki Minaj, but the camel toe distracts me. I weep.

Fashion Week Autumn 2011

New York, Paris, London and Milan... My highlights (I am dissapointed that so many designers use fur - Let's evolve!).

Channeling Bjork!
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