Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sorry Folks

Blogger has changed the way I upload and edit and it is slow and cumbersome. I might have to switch to another host, but please bear with me.. sitting in the draft are the best and worst for September and the London and Milan Fashion Weeks...

Sorry xx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham's collection was well received.

 Stop One did a great plus size collection that was wearable and flattering!
Vera Wang's collection was feminine and lovely as ever.

I don't understand why the invitees wore such hideous outfits.
Nicky Hilton usually has better style. Jessica Szor is beautiful but eve she can't save this mess. The same can be said for Olivia Palermo. The fabrics look cheap and too shiny. Nothing is working.

Jessica Simpson wore Micheal Kors. They should both be ashamed. Ashamed! (you too Heidi Klum in this awful red suit).

Kelly Rowland looks a little like she is trying too hard and Kelly Osborne let her upgrade down here. I'd say the same about Madonna and her thirteen year old daughter. And even though I like how VB has put her outfit together, but she never looks natural/relaxed.
Serena Williams looks better in the nude. I am distracted by the hideous nails. Both she and Anna Wintour look a little scared of each other.

Click below on Read more to see the collections and visitors

Out and About

Alexander McQueen is still loved and missed.
Bjork sang at his memorial service.

The fashion elite were there, Naomi, Kate,

 Stella and SJP.

Out and about in London
Pamela Anderson in London. She kinda upgraded. I am ignoring Vivienne Westwood – though I will concede that she looks great for her age. He is trying.

Sister Act.

I don't know what to think about this.. I don't like the dress much, Khloe Kardashian does not look great. Sister Kim looks very, very curvy.

And Rihanna is showing ff some temporary tattoos. Love it that she left the acrylic red wig behind. Hurrah for Kerry Washington for covering the forehead better. And I weep for the love I have for Angie Stone. Shoes are making feet look a little 'trotter' like, the dress is OK, but I just want to pull off that lace front. I wept.

The VMA's - The Good, Bad and....

Florence Welch looks sublime in this golden gown. I know it's controversial, but I like this look for Katy Perry. I like it a lot. Rosario Dawson has found her hotness again.
Kesha courts critics in this number. Does she dress in a chemical haze? One wonders. Perhaps she thinks it looks nice and likes it. Tony Parker and his Mrs look like a nice couple.

Jennifer Elfman, Lisa Kudrow and Selena Gomez need to hire/fire stylists. At least before the next red carpet event.

Robyn is Swedish. That is not an excuse. And I think Will.I.Am (I refrain from commenting on the dickish way he spells his name) and ApldeAp try too hard to be 'funkaay'. It does not work for me. At all.

I don't get the Justin Beiber phenomena. He looks very scared running away from his adoring fans. And he just doesn't have the swagger that he is selling. Usher shows him how it's done.

Monday, 20 September 2010

I am excited

Hello Peeps,

Just a little update and teaser. I have been to London and Fashion Week. I am not an official fashionista but some friends had +1's and took me along to some of the shows. I was struck how unnatural and 'try hard' people attending the shows were. Of course they were the people that photographers asked to photograph. A lot of people looked great, even if their looks seemed contrived and overly thought about. A lot of people also looked bad and contrived.

I saw so many celebs close up a personal. Jimmy Choo himself and his wife seemed humble and sweet when security made them wait (to confirm who he was) to let them backstage for the Felder + Felder fashion show. Amber Rose was front row. She looks exactly the same, but not a charismatic as I thought she would be. I saw Olivia Palermo changing out of her heels into flats in Soho. She is petite perfection, absolutely stunning close up with enormous doe eyes. Her hair, make-up and outfit (even the change of shoes) were just perfect. I bottled out of asking her if she had a stylist or she was born on top of her game.

I briefly saw Jane Shep too (she said she remembered me). I have the utmost respect for this woman. She is primarily responsible for making TopShop the respected brand it is today (believe me, she dragged it from a dark place). And she is one of the nicest people in fashion too.

My personal fashion game was confused and I suffered with the bi polar weather situation and only really brought funky sandals and beautiful silk blouses. I was complimented on my hair and I so wanted to be fabulous and cute, but after the first day... Well, let's just say I let you all myself down.. but I was warm!

Will be flying home tommorow and update fully in the week.

Love Ms A x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Be back next week

So sorry for the delay..

I am stuck travelling without my techy bits. I do have love for all of my regulars (and newbies too) and I will be back with a bumper posting session. We have the VMAs and the various fashion weeks to talk about.

Thanks for being patient with me.

Hugs and love

Ms A xxxx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Early September's mixed bag. The better half

Natalie Portman is so regal and beautiful. Absolutely stunning in red. The Glee girls looking deservedly happy.

I like Liv Tyler looking pretty and natural. I would never have thought that shorts and leggings would work, but they do.  Kate Beckinsdale looks perfect after a pedicure in flip fops and jeans. Those grey surgical platform shoes (which I think could have fit in her bag)would have made the look too forced. And she still gets to flash her shoes to the paparazzi. Joanna Lumley looks absolutely fabulous. Take note Madonna, she is over a decade older but with so much more style.
Miley Cyrus' outfit (especially the bag) flows nicely until the shoes. I am so done with over-designed shoes. So done. Olivia Palermo looks so effortless and her acessory man compliments her style too.

I think Kate Hudson is beautiful and she wears so much so well. And I like Kylie Minogue in this lovely white dress. Classy and fashionable. Raven Symone has lost weight and looks healthy with it. A nice style choice for her. Very nice.

Jessica Alba has had a not so great week. Nothing really offends - perhaps the mishaped flowery dress, but I feel a little bored looking at her. It seems like disinfected glamour - if that makes sense.  I do love her shoes in the second and fourth picture. I need them in my life.
I have to say that Kelly Rowland looks lovely here. I like it from her wig to her boots. I won't mention Jessica White still dressing cheap or Serena Williams stylist's day off. It is kinder not to.