Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Canned I don't know what in Cannes

Jennifer Hudson is looking more slender then before. Not that her style has improved much. I can't say that I like the wig/dress/shoes in any of the pictures. Though, she does not offend - well the uber platforms look a little off.

Myleen Klass usually looks good on the red carpet, but I find this a little too meringue. While Woody Allen looks forlorn and lost with his wife. Lets leave the statement there.
Frederique Bel has interesting shoes. Interesting. I like this dress on Tamara Mellon. As founder of Jimmy Choo, I am puzzled by the bare feet. Oh well *shrugs*.  Roberta Armani is better with her hair in this picture.

Meg Ryan looks a little too thin, too touched and lost. It's a shame.

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