Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cannes is OVER at last!!!

Best actors winners Javier Bardem and Elio Germano (with Diane Kruger). Javier dropped the most romantic moment of the festival when he dedicated his win to his love and friend, Penelope Cruz. She fought back tears during the dedication. Sweet.

Best Actress was Juilet Binoche. If she stood straight I think she could look hotter in this strpless white dress.

The French..
Question to Charlotte Gainsbourg, would a little make up hurt? Dress is stunning, but the face and hair look 'unprepared'. Emma de Caunes is wearing shoes that are far too high. Othewise the look is quite cute. And Emmanuelle Beart looks just OK in this DJ number. I'm not sure that it is appropriate though.

Asia Argento looks lovely in black silk. It just flows and flows! I am unsure about Salma Hayek's dress. It looks 'interesting' (I think because of the fit), but she is stunning.
The Brits..
Kate Beckinsdale looks great again and Benicio Del Toro looks quite good too. Upgraded! Kirsten Scott Thomas always manages to look presentable, never outstanding though. She starred in Prince's 'Under the Cherry Moon'. I wonder if she is proud.

Kirsten Dunst dared to be a little different in blue and it works wonders. Her hair is looking a little over blonde, but she still looks good. And Tolula Adeyemi looks all the way fabulous.
I thought that Roberto Cavalli was gay, but here is his wife in a horrendous fur outfit. They obviously have taste in common. And Milla Jovovich has made a bad choice with this Louis Vuitton outfit. Wrong. Naked emperor.

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