Saturday, 27 February 2010

Always trying too hard..

Just relax Lady Gaga.
She is the most self conscious, non spontaneous, laboured style in pop. I'm bored of it all.

We are all human

Take comfort ladies
Still beautiful, but she has the issues that everyone else has.


London Fashion Week.. I have issues

Who would wear this Pam Hogg? Who?
OK! OK! put your hands down Rhianna and Lady Gaga.

I celebrate real women, but..
surely this is a joke. There is nothing wrong with the model, but the clothes do not flatter at all.. (take note Mark Fast) I am not a skinny - slim and healthy, and hate seeing bony ladies who look ill on the catwalk. However, this did not work for me because this dress is all wrong. It is 'sprayed on' and bandaged over the breast area, completely flattening her breasts. She is wearing big pants that might flatten her tummy, but her thighs area is left looking bad. This does nothing positive for the cause (putting normal women on the catwalk).

Sad and Stylish Goodbye

Lee Alexander McQueen
Rest in Peace

Stylish, sad Goodbyes...
Naomi and Stella McCartney pay their respects.

February Best Dressed.. Winners

Mrs Obamam, holding it down well. We like the new hair.
Billie Piper, grown up beautifully.
Just Stunning. Something I never thought I'd be saying about her.
Jessica Alba,
we love the new hair too.. And Scarlett, you surprised me here!

Best dressed party people!

Had a baby, getting divorced, looking DELICIOUS, Jill Scott. Just scrummy.

Party girls..
Zoe Salander looking fine, as does Kerry Hilson. Fabulous.

Party Chic
Harry Potter stars have really grown up. Bonnie Wright does glamour well. As Does Angela Lansbury and Mary J looking great in red. All age groups represented here.

The Couples edition..
Russell And Katy clean up lovely as a couple. The Redgraves show off their great genes in this mum and daughter couple.
Lily Allen. She loves fashion and fashion mainly loves her. Soloange, gets it right and wrong. This time, it's right.

February Best Dressed - casual winners

Casually beautiful..
Sarah JP and Rhianna. Simple and pretty.

The Kates edition. Kate Beckinsdale always looking good and a first for me for Kate Thornton.

Kyle, keep it lovely. Madonna looking natural and relaxed - this is a first and it suits her.
Rock Chics
Agness and Mel B (yes, I like this look.... I think). Rocking great looks.

February Worst Dressed - the winners?

The winners are:
Nancy, you are wearing an abomination. Donna Karan, you sooo should know better. I love her voice and she is waay to fab for this dress. Bleeding heart, bleeding dress, bleeding wrong!

Patti Smith. Eccentric or bad? Methinks the latter. tries to hard for my liking. He should try harder to find clothes that fit. Liz Hurley, you know we can see your boobs and you we know you know better.
They tried too hard..
An Institution, so it hurts me to say how awful this outfit is. Almost as much as it hurts my eyes. One can't help but think this is a vision of Ms Geldof in 30 years time. Scary image of a maestro and protégée. Toni Braxton, pretty face and hair, unflattering outfit.

February Worst Dressed - The boys

Guys who pluck their eyebrows....
Is is obligatory when you are in a boy band? There seems to be some kind of Samson complex and they lose their ability to dress! Face looks wrong, kinda like they do drag in their private time.

To think..
I had a guilty secret crush on Robert Pattinson. It is sooooo cured. Jonathan Rhys, not quite and also Mickey Rourke. I have no words. I'm frightened and I can't.

AA Gil, I can't think what to say about his look. I can't. Cristiano Ronaldo, king of the chavs. Nicholas, that hat is doing you no favours.

February Worst dressed - Fur offenders

The Diva Offenders..
Leon Talley ho ho.. This is just ridiculous. Would you trust this man to dress you?  And just why Whitney? Why?

Agnes' 80's plum hair rinse fur coat is fugly. Victoria Beckham, yeah, you should hide. Shame on you!

  Natasha Kaplinksi (I know she's pregnant, BUT..) Catherine Zeta Jones has lost her sense of style. Courtney Love never had any!