Friday, 21 May 2010

Officially overexposed... Cannes


I am bored when I look at Paris Hilton. She is overexposed. Nonetheless, I appreciate the dress she wearing. And although she looks consistently great, I am also a little bored of Kate Beckinsdale. She wears it well, but I don't know why it does nothing for me. I am bored of this mess that JLo keeps offering. Roberto Cavali is responsible yet again.

Emily Blunt wearing red well. Great dress, great figure and glamour'd swagger!
Camilla Belle is still holding down her fabulousness. I salute. Michelle Williams pearly queen looks sweet and a refreshing change from the long ball gowns.

Naomi Campbell is still there, looking great (changed the wig for the long again). Unlike others, I never get bored of seeing her strut her stuff. 40 never looked so hot!  There is only one Grace Jones. Killing it in her 60's.
Tom Ford and Corine Roitfeld should look great. Nothing less is acceptable from them! And Gerard Butler's casual glamour works quite well.


Marion Cotillard disappoints me in this dress. It is shapeless and uninspired. Her face and hair are great, but she can do better in the dress department. Michelle Rodriguez draped dress is lovely. It is well matched with the pink shoes too, but her hair and make up are kind of pedestrian. She looks good, but could have looked great.

Rachel Bilson usually dresses better than this. The pattern on the boob area looks infantile and her hair could have done with more attention. Disappointed. This is a nice dress on Mary J Blige, but those tattoos just fight any classiness that there could be. I think it is time to change the wig too.

What the...
Karl Largerfield is allowed his eccentricities because of who he is, but I want to say his lok is weird and his feet are f'd up. Fashion is not about starvation and suffering. Mischa Barton looks unwell. It could be the heavy makeup, it distracts me and I can't decide if I like the dress or not.

Kirsten Dunst chose badly. This dress makes her look like the wanna be weird one at school. It does not work for me.

My sister said 'trucker yuk' when she saw this. OK, when I say my sister, I mean me. And Victoria Silvstedt still 'less than expensive' looking!

Leigh Lezark and Karolina Kurkova looking pretty. I guess this venue must have had delicate and very clean floors. And Rachel Bilson looking good (in her invisible heels!
Michelle Rodriguez at the replay party in Cannes. I like her casual style. Also there and looking totally lost is Mischa Barton. I think she is yo yo dieting.  Naomi looking done (hot with it) for this season. Until next year.

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