Monday, 30 May 2011

May 2011 - My best dressed

Starting with the boys. I'll make it brief as I wipe the drool from the keyboard! Common. Fine. Curtis Jackson. Fine. Tiny Tempah. Fine.

Hot mama, Jessica Alba. Finess! And also new mum, Christina Milian looks wonderful in pink.
More pregnancy fab! Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham.

And upgraded to first class, Katie

Hourglass - on time! Miranda Kerr and Dita Von Teese. Perfection.

Deserve to be on this superficial list is Olivia Palermo. Stunning, as is Rachel Bilson. People need to hunt their stylists.

Fierce is Beyonce in this bodycon LBD. Loving how Tocarra's curves are flattered in this sequinned dress. This seasons brights still catch my attention. Worn by the beautiful Rashida Jones. Supermodel so it's not fair Alessandra!

Halle Berry is always hovers around perfection. Britney Spear, does not. But she looks clean and rested (and hot) in these two outings. Good garment choices for her - even if I wouldn't have put the boots together with it.

Kelly Rowland has a great figure. Nothing more to be said in this casual outing. Love Zoe Saldana's chic swagger. Classy and cute. Khloe Kardashian is cute in this denim play suit.  And Giselle is a supermodel, so don't try this at home!

Selina Gomez carry's off glamour very well. And so is Melanie Griffith. Ending with the boys... love Ashton Kutcher's hot hippy look. And Will.I.Am does not offend. He looks like he toned and trim in this suit.

May 2011 - On the Fence

With Kelly, it's the wig. Everything else is on point. I can't put my finger on Zoe Kravitz and Selita Banks' looks, I think the mix and mismatch don't quite work for me. Rachel Ray is usually stunning as is Thandie Newton, I am dissappointed.

Looking better than usual (I think), Fergie, Kesha, Jessica Simpso and Mischa Barton. There may be issues with makeup or 'perfection', but I applaud these ladies for the upgrade. Still on the fence though.

I am not feeling anything special anymore. But that's cool though.

I have mentioned the suit thing with Halle Berry. Yet to have a wow (in a good way) when she wears one. This could be her wardrobe kryptonyte. Kylies shoes look like torture devices. Something off about her look. Kelly Osborne looks a little squeezed in her dress. Asize up would have made her look slimmer. I don't really understand this for Kelis. She is normally so edgy/cool and this is not. It does not offend.