Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nice one

The casual crew.. Jessica Alba should write a style book on dressing great during pregnancy. She is hot to trot.  Jennifer Aniston has such is so easy with her style. Always on point. Genevive Jones is working it. Love Eva Longhoria looks great in skinny white jeans. And I am on the fence with Eva Pigford. But I'll give it to her.

And I do love men who just do. No shaved chests or plucked eyebrows. Just simple! Hugh  and Daniel Craig, keeping it real. Take note boybands. My Ryan upgrades with a nice suit and shoes. I am so happy these boys are not wearing the upslope toes. They do disturb me. Emma Stone is wearing lace how I wish I could wear lace. Classy and sexy at the same time.

Leggy Crew: Kimora Lee is hot electric blue.  I don't know what she has done aside from diet, but she is looking younger and  fresher too.  Kate Beckinsdale and Jessica Biel look like sisters.. at least in style. It's a good look. Frida Pinto displaying her lovely long legs. And Melissa Joan Hart never quite makes it for me, but here she catches a break - I like her look and she almost convinces.

Mixed bag

Stylists have days off too. And we can tell when!

Not hot

Yep, I am not shocked with JLo on her birthday, celebrating style. I am shocked with Rachel Bislon. She is normally so on the money. Those shorts do not flatter.  Joe McElldry is team 'tang' in his jegging ensemble.  Alexa Chung has been great recently. Not here. And Camilla Belle is wearing Mui Mui. I say the emperor is naked!

Reality TV churns out the above. I have no more words on the matter. None.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Something odd in the water??

If Liz Hurley is doing what her beau, Shane Ward, is doing it is working for her. I can't really say it is working well for him. I am kind of blinded by the brightness of his bleached teethand hair and sharpness is eyebrows. SMH.

Legends. But why? Not 'why?' legends, but why to the the 'work' part.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Amy Winehouse was an exceptional talent. I feel so sad to hear that she was found dead today from an alcohol and drugs binge. She started out so beautiful and her voice was one of the rarest, most moving, most touching voices of her generation. Her life was tormented, but somehow, I thought she would be like Keith Richards, famous for her benders and addictions, but a survivor. I hope that she is resting in peace. I love her music and am thankful for the gift she was blessed with and left us with.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nicely done..

Yipee. Estelle found a decent stylist. She has flourished.  SJP is usually on the best dressed. She demonstrates why! And Kerry Washington shimmers.

Love Kate Winslett. Stunning. As is the blooming Nia Long. Liking Khloe Kardashian and Serena in the same dress. I can't call who wore it better.  Gabby Union is innocently hot in white.

Dita Von Tese classy stunning! I am starting to get it with Alexa Chung. She has something.  Heidi Klum looks fab on the school run, and Rachel Bilson is stunning.

Naomi is iconic as a model. She is still wonderful. Queen Latifah and the D&G boys look nice too.

Not quite for me

Khloe Kardashian has a lot of cash and time to shop. Thus there is no excuse.  I have no words for Jaime Winstone. None. And Jemma Kidd thought that the coulours and words on her pullover were nice. She is alone with those thoughts.  Saana is lovely, but the dress is not, at least not on her.
I think I almost like Kelly Osborne and Pixie Geldof's choices. But there is something cheap about the ensembles.  Melodie Thornton. Please hire a stylist (not the one you already have, if they picked this outfit).  Elen Rives (last time I promist) has very little good taste. I don't get the fuss over Pippa Middleton. She has no bottom to speak of and although is smiley and happy looking, she is not 'attractive'.