Thursday, 20 May 2010

Monaco Music Awards

JLo is will be dragged kicking and screaming out of this style rut. And as long as people like Roberto Cavali are enabling her, she will offend our senses. Hang your head Mr Cavali, hang your head!

Blasts from the past.
Deborah Cox is holding up well. I like the dress but not really feeling the shoes. I don't feel the same about Farell Williams. He has lost his swexy for me. It has gone.

Rachel Hunter again not quite making it. Joining her in the 'mutton' corner is Victoria Silvsted. Overdone and overexposed.

These wigs are killing me.
Robin Gibb needs to let the rug go. It is all kinds of wrong and NOT a thumbs up. I think he has made too much paper to be wearing a C&A suit and shoes.

Kelly Rowland.

Why? And Why this wig and dress? Killing me softly. She is too fabulous for this mess.

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