Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Out of this world!
Gemma Atheron looks FABULOUS. I love this shaped dress and the shoes are well put together. Continuing with the FAB at the premier of 'Clash of the Titans', French Actress Alexa Davalos. One shouldered and smouldering. Love it!!

I hate to admit it. Miley Cyrus is looking good dressed down too.

Who wore it better?

Jennifer Hudson or Blake Lively.
I think Jenni kills it here.

Dita Von Teese or Britney Spears.
I have no words for Britney. I believe that Dolce and Gabanna wept - they WEPT.

Alicia Keys or Blake Lively.
I think I'll go with Blake on this occasion. Although both ladies look great.
AnnaLynne McCord or Britney Spears.
That is not even a question. Brit's swagger just makes everything look... well, cheap.

Lady Gagahhh or Chrisina Ricci.
No contest Christina. Yes, Marc Jacobs hung his head, sobbed and convulsed Lady Gagahhhh.

Blake Lively or Beyonce Knowles.
It's a draw on this occaison. They both kick it.

More comparisons/decisions when you click 'read more' below

Not Working..

The blue kind of goes, but the clothes don't. Velour with what? And I don't know what's going down with Kylie. She looks happy and that's important.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Looking great..

Brtish Actor and Screen Writer
Noel and wife Iris Clark, doing the UK proud.

Ladies Looking Great
Jada Pinkett Smith has the secret to eternal youth and fabulousness. Her skin looks edible and she suits her lovely shorts and blouse combo. Fab! Zoe Salanda hardly ever gets it wrong. These jeans make her legs look endless. I salute you ladies.

 Kelly Rowland has upped her wig game and looks devine! This lavander grey silk dress looks absolutely fragrant on her. Love it. I prefer Tyra with her natural hair, she looks younger and more natural with it, but she looks killer hot in this red dress. Loving it!

Serena looking better (not quite fab though..)
Love the shoes, but she still needs to look for new help on the style front.

Not looking Great..

Why must I weep? My sister said Serena Williams looks like 50 cent in drag here (OK, so I said it really, but I like her, really I do). My suggestion is to find a stylist who is not scared to tell her 'no'. And I give up on Lindsey Lohan. I just hope she has loved ones who will take her home and wash her. She looks like she needs some intervention and tough love!

Katie Perry and Rhianna
are trying to out 'edge' each other, but they end up looking edged out. Sorry, I think these outfits are too self conscious to work with me. Those little socks and stillettos do not function.

And Wags are such a classy species..*coughs* not
These women are successfull! The woman in the centre of the English football captain scandal (black and white outfit) has just walked away with a £1million child support settlement. She was with the football player for five months. Is this how we should be dressing for success????

Monday, 29 March 2010


Have you noticed that with famous families there's always one member who has to stand out as 'different'. Anyway...

The British Family Winstone
I say it from a place of innocence and kindness, but Lois looks like she might have been born a different gender (she's the furthest left in case you were wondering). This sytling is too harsh.    

Jude Law helps to save face here. He wears his suits well. I know, not technically family, but he helped my eyeballs recover.
Blended Families..
When I was little, I made some funky style choices. I am not understanding Willow Smith's choice of shoe/legging. And little Angel Brown looks like she has had little choice in her hair situation. SMH.

Three times in one day!

Catherine Zeta Jones
Changed/modified her outfit three times. It worked zero times. I'm sorry.

Rhianna is Rhianna

In Canada
And she wears it well. It's good to see that she has toned down the felt-tip pen yellow for a more subtle hair colour. It no longer offends me.

The Award for the best Wig Wearer

Goes to Beyonce.
Love her or hate her, she looks great in her custom made wigs. There must be colonies of people growing hair especailly for her.  Now riddle me this: why did Kelly Rowland's wigs look good while she was in DC, but now they look like.. I can't here. After the jump.

And I clutched my pearls

Serena had it licked recently with her style choices. I don't know what happened here. From what I can see this swim suit is too small, breasts are too heavy and nothing flatters. NOTHING. She has a pretty smile though (and those men are enjoying the view of her famous behind).

I see what she was trying to do. The red in the bad, bad trousers matches the bag. Nothing looks good here. Nothing. She is smiling and there is a lot to say for self confidence. 

Helena C. Nightie, underwear on display, shapeless leather jacket etc. I don't really get the bag and shoes either. A supermodel should know better.

Anti WAG and anti fashion. What? Shapeless, unflattering and weird is how Ellen Rives looks here. She would look slightly better if she undid a few buttons – but only slightly. I don't understand it, really I don't.

There is something 'dead behind the eyes' about these two. Shannon Doherty's outfit doesn't flatter. Her figure is great but the look is not. Half exercise gear and half well, I have no words for the other half. It is however all bad.. I have no words Mickey Rourke. *whispers* I am frightened.

Good Stylists..

Having said all of that, Mylie does scrub up well, she needs to tip her stylist and make-up artist. I love her one shouldered leather dress - she looks great. Dani Minogue really suits being pregnant. Hot mama.

All American Family

There's 'something untoward in the drinking water' look about the Cyrus crew. On a positive note, they look 'happy'.

I'm Different..

Ms Badu is on her special vibe which has some artistic merit. But the look below just kills me softly.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Looking good ladies

And doing the UK proud.
Corrine Bailey Rae, simple, casual and beautiful. And Kate Moss being Kate Moss. I don't know how she manages it with her rock'n'roll lifestyle.

Victoria Beckham
Has found something she can do really well (other than being a celebrity for celebrity sake). I am not into celebrity designers at all, but Victoria Beckham has a great collection. She's not the greatest singer and doesn't seem to get good reviews as a TV guest host/presenter, but she is passionate about fashion and her collection shows it. She could still eat a little more food.


Effort Issues here

Not enough/too much?
The Williams sisters demonstrating that it was their stylist's day off. Venus* looks like she borrowed her mother's shirt. Serena's outfit does not fit. I'll stop there. They were doing so well. Cheryl Cole is classic overstyled. Shoes look like hell to walk in (winter in Paris too!) and the whole look seems uncomfortable and somewhat contrived. She also looks like she needs to eat and keep down some food.

*Is there something untoward in the drinking water with Venus' face. I hope it's the lighting/makeup and not toxins!