Sunday, 31 January 2010

Old School Supermodels

I like this photo of Kate moss. She is looking greyer but cool with it.

Another old school supermodel Naomi C. Love her or hate her.

Gay Paris

Wintour in Paris
I think this lady is almost there. Dare I say almost. Her grooming is too extreme for me. Her style is 'style above everything' and lacks the soul that someone with natural style has. She always looks impeccable, but there is a coldness to her style. I am not feeling the pointed satin boots.
Anna Wintour doing 'urban' amuses me.


Oh la la!
Givenchy 2010Givenchy 2010.

This marks future tendencies. Whilst I like them and I am sure they are beautifully made – I don't think they are particularly fresh but I don't think that they are saying different. I think it underlines the philosophy of buying timeless classic, well tailored pieces. Evening dresses are the same and coctail shift dresses are either strapless or one shouldered. The fashion industry recyles.

Stylishly humble indeed!

Halle on her day off
I'll let the boots and turn-up combination slide (although it is noted) because we are all human and I look like a bag lady on my 'off' days off. She looks great from the shins up.

Hugely talented and very stylish here

Tina Fey

Purple satin is not really that flattering for many people, but Ms Fey carries it off perfectly.

She's a Dame

And a lady
Helen Mirren, I salute you. I cannot say more than that. She holds herself in such a regal manner. I like the fact that she is unapologetically natural.

You wear it well.

Boys who take fashion risks
Guys who take fashion risks often can look like they are tryig too hard and fall the wrong side of ridiculous. However, I'm liking this look. Not everyone can carry it off, but Mr Jonas suits his suit very well.

Those who got it wrong when you

Oh Dear...

I like Kloe Kardashian, she seems to always be in the shadow of her big sister. But here she should have hidden in the shadows. That fake fur is not working, the thigh high boots are not working. Actually none of it is working!

Ms Jackson if you're nasty...

Janet. Looking hot. I'm kinda 'done' with the Balmain shoulders but I think that this slinky fitted cocktail dress.

I'm so different.

Yes we know... You're different too.

Rhianna has many hits and many misses. This is a miss! Ellen actually looks good here. I like the minxy patent thigh high boots on her.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fugly Fur

Kanye and Amber.
I so wanted this blog to be a positive thing, but fur is wrong and it does not look good. I love Kanye West's music. He is talented (if lacking in the humility department) and successful. He has written funny, conscious, prophetic and socially insightful lyrics, so it seems that he is aware of his foolery dripping in diamonds (we know there is no such thing as a clean diamond) and draped in fur coats. He recently ranted against the fashion bloggers, but I think that he screams for their attention

And Marisa Tomei..
WTF. Did a stylist do this to you? I hope you can blame someone else for this f##'ery.

*blank stares all round. More ridiculous dressing when you read the rest..


Life is Good..

A happy lady. And it looks like her mother has stopped dressing her. She's been looking pretty hot lately. Loving the oneshouldered ruffled number. Perhaps she was a little too 'stage' with the make up (less is more). But still looking good!

Couply pics when you read the rest...

What Happened Pharrel?

It's gone... the hotness. It's just gone *weeps silently*

I went to a party he attended a couple of years ago and Pharrel Williams had women throwing themselves at him and even though I wasn't one of them, I sooo got it. He is really going 'method' with this 'hobo' look, missing teeth and all. Never thought I'd think Kanye could look better than him.

OOh Whitney,

The Original Diva

I know it's probably photoshop helped, but she is looking great. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!

What have you done to your mouth lady?

This is a perfectly pretty girl who should have stopped with her teeth capped, then it's the false lashes which are still OK and now it seems like she is going for some mouth work. Time talk to your real friends. They're the ones who tell you when to stop, Cheryl Cole.

Picture of before and her looking nice when you read the rest...

I don't think it was a good look back then either.

It's a Struggle..

Why do pretty girls fight their hotness? There's blonde and there's yellow. Yellow is cute on ducklings and not on hair in my opinion. Just my veiw.

Ms Collins and Ms Turner!

Still Rocking in their 70's..

Quintessentially Joan Collins

My Name is Tina, Ms Turner if you're nasty!

Anna Mae has come a long way.

New Sylist?

Someone finally told Mimi how you are supposed to dress for the red carpet.  Looking nice with a pretty pregant Paula Patton.

Why deny?

Cleary, work has been done!

But it's nice to see a more natural Victoria.

Oh Halle

She made my Fab list for 2009. I want to, but I just can't hate her. Wearing silk and lace and still looking classy. You just know if Britney wore it, perhaps it would look.. *whispers* cheap?

Pinup Perfect

OOOOh, Ms Tease

Dita Von Tease always looks like the perfect pinup (Betty Page ilk). Here she is with the lovely Mr Gautier.

Looking nice

No pressure now..

And she is looking better than ever. Natalie Cassidy looks good with her curves etc. She looks really confident and happy. I don't know why she starved herself.

So Maybe I'll stay

I know. The picture below has nothing to do with moving home! I'm here for now to see which one works the best for us all.

Back again

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Moving home...

I am moving providers. The link is below. It's a shame because this was relatively easy to set up, I liked the layout etc, but it was impossible to find or get accurate stats for.  The new home will be the link below.

Please bookmark it and save it in your faves.