Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fashion Week September 2011

The influentials. Anna Wintour in velvet. Looking groomed perfect. Lovely Leon Talley and friend. Looking happy, and Rachel Zoe not offending me with her maxi dress.

Love Zoe Saldana. Love her style. She carried every look from casual to uber sexy glam. Sarah Jessica Parker does 'dress up' so well.

Pixie Geldof has so upgraded. She definitley gets the most improved prize. Now if we cou'd just fix the hair... Alexandra Burke is stunning in grey. Just stunning.

Olivia Palermo.. fine fashionista. That is all.  Thandie Newton and Gwyneth Paltrow are finesse. 

My fave colours for this season. Jennifer Hudson in red; classic stable.. you can always bet on black Ms Campbell and vivid shades of blue.

The Olsen sisters looking FABULOUS. Never thought that I would be writing that about them, but loving classic black and pale pallette. Loving it.

Happy reunion. Original super models still have something. 

Out and about looking good

Corrine Bailey Rae is smoling hot at Fashion week. Loving the hair. Just loving it and I need those blue suede shoes in my life.

Corrine is killing it and outshines Estelle and Selina Banks although they are not bad. Estelle is keeping up with the new stylist it seems. Well done for that.  I love Lauryn Hills quirky sense of style. Love it.  And Alicia Keys is looking good.
I like that Lily Cole is so different for a model. Not classically beautiful but striking. Loving colbalt blue on Katie Holmes. And although Mel B looks decent, I am just besotted with little Angel. And hurrah! that her hair is getting combed and conditioned. Vanessa Hudgens is so versatile with her hair. She rocks the siren look.
Dressed up and down, Kylie Minogue and Sarah Jessica Parker keep the flag flying.

Out and about.. unsure

Demi Lovato is looking better, but not the best yet. And former Jonas fashion icon is still alright, but not the best. And Britney is still keeping it together. I salute that. Peaches Geldof is looking cleaner if a little thin. I don't know why Rosario Dawson has had some 'work'. Spherical dome breasts just rob some of her beauty.

All upgraded, with the exception of my husband. I love facial hair, but the beard is a little too long.