Friday, 16 April 2010

Not Great

The usual suspect! Mariah and her addiction to all that is too tight and too small. She's smiling, she's happy and that is what's important. Tamara Ecclestone's father is a mutli billionaire. But she demonstrates how money cannot buy style (but a good stylist and makeup artist might be an investment!). Michelle Trachtenberg looks great from the waist up, but the bottom half is not great. White legs not looking great in this skirt. Pity.

We all know that Ciara has a fierce body, but this look is all the way cheap. She can do better. And riddle me: What? Why? Who? I just don't understand this dress. Olivia Palermo, really I don't. Kelly Lynch just looks plain scary here to me. Nothing really looks good. Her face looks a little over botoxed and her toes are trying to escape the sandals. Head to toe not really working. Sorry.

Jessica Simpson waving goodbye (let's hope not for good!) to her style. Lindsey Lohan is always in a 'not good' post. At least she's at home here. On a positive she looks like she has gained a little weight.

I never got the Alek Wek thing. I have seen some outstanding photos of her, but on the whole I think she is too thin but has a chubby face. Anyway, I don't really get this dress. It looks a little market stall.

Lady Victoria Harvey has boat loads of cash and is aristocracy but has zero sense of style. It has to be said. I said it. An Olsen twin dressing up and still not getting it together. I do like the boots I have to say. Finally, Kelly Clarkson. I don't really have too much to say about this look. We'll just leave it there.

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