Monday, 19 April 2010

Coachella - I can't, I quit!

The Geldof sisters
With their men. They all look dirty (and not a the cool, sexy way!). Sorry to be negative, but it has to be said.

Maybe it's a man thing. That certain women lose their style to challenge their men to stay attracted to them! It looks like a double challenge here. I have to say that Agnes Deyne has not improved but my eyes are really distracted by her man's sandals. What is going on there? Really, somebody please explain!
Kelly Osborne is looking.... You fill in the blank, I can't. Are the socks there to hide a fungal incident/bad pedi? Or is it fashion? I still can't with the purple rinse. I just can't

Paris Hilton is looking a little divorced from sobriety here - twisted toe and eye, not really a good look. Her little sister looks better, more natural and more sober.

Lindsey Lohan looks better than I have seen her in a while. Riddle me this? Who does the self-tan? It always looks streaky and 'dirty'. And again, I am not down with the short shorts and bare midriff look.

No words here for Hasselhoff and daughter. No words!

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