Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What went wrong?

People should be fired for this foolery, origami get up Brooke Shields. Please, call me!  With Kylie, the dress looks quite nice, but the shirt and belt look dodgy. I think a cropped classic Levi's jacket would have looked much more finished. Call me Kylie. You need my help! Finally Brad, oh Brad. Still fighting his hotness and he's winning!
JLO is 41and wearing this? Her legs are fine, but it is time to leave the extension and micro minis to the Sacha Fierces. She needs a whole new look that isnt to staid on her. The second look is better, but there is too much horse hair flailing in the wind and the shoes look a little too high for her.

Like mother, like daughter
Fergie's jacket is strained to popping here. And daughter princess Bea is wearing some foolery (they probably are Queen Anne's pearls too! SMH).

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