Thursday, 29 April 2010

Work has been done...

I am Scared!
Do you think Calvin Klien thinks he looks natural and younger? Does he? Better not fight nature.. I can't look for too long. This gaze scares me.

Yes, Liz Hurley is holding up well for 45, but she's looking a little worked, not least the lips (they have the rigid quality)! Lip filler, don't deny it. It is not looking good Ms Hurley. Not good!

Kim Kardashian is looking waaay too plastic/transgender for me. I think she has done something to her mouth area (maybe more). It is not good look and if it can be reversed, I would recommend that she does it!

I hope she stops. Clearly Megan Fox is very pretty, I just hope she stops at this lip size. And I get the feeling that Lindsay Lohan will look soo much better with some clean living (regular sleep and washes). No amount of makeup, hairdye, fake tan or lip filler will make her look better.

I am bothered when the young pretty ones start tweaking and twerking. Clutching my pearls. Indeed!

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