Thursday, 22 April 2010


Heidi Klum has gone for a bowl cut bob. I am unsure.

Jessica Simpson is still struggling in the style department. The jacket and dress seem a little too tight (her breasts are struggling in this dress).

Eddie Murphy's suit is not the best cut/fit I have ever seen. I am not feeling this mustard shirt either. He can do better.  Another man who is confusing me with his look is Jude Law! The no socks always makes me think about sweaty feet and to tell the whole world, he has turned his trousers up to this length. I don't understand it. Not at all.

Kylie, the bottom half confuses me. I don't think I like it.

Dita Von Tese is not getting it right. Only the top half of the dress works here. It might have worked as a whole without the diaphanous fabric blouse part, or significantly shorter. It's a fail.

I am unsure about Sarah Jessica Parker although I like the pieces individually, together it doesn't quite gel.

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