Monday, 26 April 2010

What on Earth?

JLo has entered a shop looking, well, looking like a confused housewife. The top half of the coat is quite nice to me, but I am lost looking at the bottom half. And the pumps. But I understand the hookerfied look even less. Everyone in that store needs to be FIRED.

I know style is not necessarily directly related to money. However, Mariah Carey has some serious explanations for this two for £5 market stall, nylon looking number, I can't with the plastic looking gold sandals that make her feet look fat. Her husband Nick Cannon's look is no-cash-ghetto-supermarket looking too. I can't. I weep.

The Men!
I don't know if this season's trouser length is ankle skimming, but I will say it is wrong. Especially with this shoe combination. It offends me. Forrest Whittaker just looks weird. Please eat something.

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