Monday, 26 April 2010

The (footwear) disappointment!

I am disappointed with Salma Hayek. I love her hair and her outfit (her figure is insane!), my eyes are offended by the dreckitude going on in the foot area. Not only are they incredibly ugly, but they cost £3,750. I hope they were a freebie, even so they are so wrong on so many levels. I can't. I quit!

I am not feeling Alicia Keys outfit at all and I am an official hater of uber high platforms. They look good on drag queens and strippers. I recently went to a party and so many ladies hobbled and stumbled around in shoes like this - it did nothing for their elegance. Someone needs to shout out to the crowd 'the emperor has no clothes'.
La La Velásquez demonstrates how far this drag queen shoe f*kery has gone. Excuse me please. I can t, I quit!

Stella McCartney should know better as she is a designer. Whilst I do like some of the pieces, they are not put together well. I am disappointed.

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