Friday, 16 April 2010

I am unsure (the nearly)..

Beautiful but..
I don't know about this outfit. I applaud Halle Berry, 43 for keeping her fab but this look does not work for me. The leggings, the shirt, the everything really. Sorry. Face, hair and shoes look fab though.

I think I like Veronica Webb's outfit. She looks great, but I look at this and am unsure. I think there may be too many ruffles on the bottom half. She looks slightly like a red duck (stunning nontheless!). And although I love Beverly Knight and her shoes, there is something amiss with the dress and jacket. Nearly though.

It looks like Tara Palmer-Tomlinson has tried to emulate Audrey Hepburn here and that's what doesn't work for me, it's too self conscious. However, I do like the skirt. Kate Beckinsdale has lost something. I hope it's a phase but I am not feeling this. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing really wrong with it – it just lacks something. Finally, I think that this look almost made it for Rachel Bilson. But it's missing a little blazer/jacket or/and perhaps a different look with the hair.

This is not great look for anyone, but it seems more natural than I have seen Nicole Kidman for such a long time. For that, I salute her. The Accessories spoiled it for Catherine Zeta Jones! I don't like the shoes AT ALL and the shirt and pencil skirt could work with a plainer leather corset belt. The legs are looking too white too with raw knees. Why would she have raw knees?

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