Friday, 16 April 2010

Looking Great

Camilla Belle, trop belle. Wow, this lady has style swagger in bundles. I didn't post the earlier photo (am now) even though it caught my eye. She looks consistently good.

Jaqueline Bisset still keeping up her charisma and I like this look on Jamie King. Love the bob and the red satin looks fine! I don't really know who Jordana Brewster is but I love this outfit, the colour and swagger! Head to toe fabulous.

Katie Bosworth looks good in this dress. Notice the shape and cut? It is so this season's gotta have. Doesen't Jesica Alba looks fabulous. Love the waistcoat dress and the ankle boots and the stance. It all works really well. She is working it.
The Brits!
Erin O'Connor always stylish. She couldn't be anything else if she tried. Paul Weller and DC Lee's daughter, Leah is stunning. I love the maxi dress with the biker jacker. Another maxi dress winner is Anna Friel. Ladies doing us proud!

She is a designer but that doesn't neccesarily mean they have great personal style. But I am liking Stella McCartney here. I like the colour and they shape, comfortable yet sexy. Me likey.

Olivia Palermo looks better casual I think. I need those boots in my life and she looks pretty at Zac Posen. Marisa Tomei looks good (even if slightly constipated in her posing). I like the simple shape of her dress and the fab pumps.

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