Friday, 1 October 2010

September's Worst Dressed

What the *bleep* Lenny Kravitz. I mean really. He is waaaay too hot for this f*%kery. I'm sorry, the boots are killing me. Kate Beckinsdale needs to get real. Bloomers????? I can't. I quit. This look is not working Heather Locklear. Not even a little bit.

What is Chantal Biya wearing on her head. Her weave/wig I can't, looks alive! You know Michelle Obama is thinking the same thing!

Hilary Clinton has done lost her mind. That is the only thing I could come up with to explain this look. Perhaps she forgot to remove it after she finished her make up? I know Serena is trying and I commend her. Sometimes she really gets it right, but then I suspect that her stylist is unavailable and this is what happens... The bedazzled nails. I can't weep anymore. I just can't!

Fergie looks.. well terrible in this mess of an outfit. It is wrong on so many levels. Speaking of which, Lindsay Lohan is so lost. Agyness Deyne – yes, I thought it was a chap too. Enough said.

Faith Evans. I can't. I got nothing. Jodie Marsh. I quit this.

Class in a glass not, Kerry Katona. Not quite there Jessica Simpson. There is nothing good about pointed cowboy boots. Lets leave them alone – unless you are a cowboy Tracy Emin.

I got love for Tyra Banks, I don't love her suit. I also got love for Venus Williams, but someone needs to fix her hair. That weave/wig looks like it is escaping from her head and taking her hairline with it. Monique. I have no words for the hairy legs. I mean, come on!

Trying too hard: Miley Cyrus – you just know she had her stylist rip the holes in her tights. Sadie Frost. Too old for this outfit and it's ugly too. And Sharon Stone. We get it that you are cool for over 50, but you are losing it here with this look.

JLo is just stuck in her style rut. It might have been cute in 1995, but we have all moved on. Get with it. You too Snoop Dogg. Also stuck is Paris Hilton. Moving on. I don't understand this Christina Ricci. I don't.

The usual suspects, Daisy Lowe and Jamie Winstone. I guess in their crowd, scummy is cool looking. Mica Paris has OK legs, but that is not enough to carry this outfit. Shoulders and body too broad.

Oh Kylie.
I am not blaming the age because Halle and Vicoria Webb are older, but there is something that smells like mutton when I see Kylie dressed like this.
Oh Kate
The fashion icon is slipping. Some bad choices and I do hate real fur too.

Oh Estelle.
Why Estelle? Riddlr me this: How is it that she is only 30 (a year older than Beyonce) and manages to look so middle aged. Christy Turlington is over a decade older and manages to look younger and fresher. On the positive, I do like her hair a lot.

Unclean looking is not attractive Ms Geldof. Please take note.

Amelle Berrabah. No more. Make it stop!!!
Kim Kardashian – over exposed, over processed, over everything. Make it stop. OK I concede the jeans look is not offensive.

Naomi is fantastic when someone else is dressing her, but when she dresses herself it is a hot mess at times.  Really. She has hair issues and the wig is not helping her. She needs to chat with Beyonce about some good lacefronts.

The Smith Ladies need to relax a little lot. Claudia Schiffer has no excuse. This is not a good look.

I know she is pregnant, but it's not really an excuse for him either. And lilly Allen it's not an excuse for you either.And Britney, where would this list be without you?
I am dissapointed with British model fave Erin and Tallulah Adeyemi. It seems Talluah's style went when the weave arrived. Somebody explain it to me please.

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