Friday, 1 October 2010

September's Best Dressed.

The Usuals.

Rachel Bilson Again.

Nahla and her mum. Again. I can't even hate.
Jessica Alba Again.
The Surprises
Beth Ditto. Fergie (but she is also in the Worst Dressed too!). Smokin!

Kelly Osborne – and I have the feeling that she will be on this side of the fence

I don't usually comment on people's personalities on my blog, but Miley Cyrus grates on me. I do have to concede that she looks fab here though. Eva Mendes looking great on the move. Loving this look on Heidi Klum too!

I liked Kylie Minogue's look twice this month. And this is a move away from the ton of hair extensions and the spray on dress and I say it is a refreshing one at that for Kourtney Kardashian.

Elle Macpherson is looking great. Kept the super even though she has dropped the model. Likewise with Eva Herzigova and (45 year old!!) Veronica Webb.

 I don't know Rebecca Hall's work, but I love this outfit. Carey Mulligan is dressing slightly younger than middle aged. And it looks very good on her.  I am on the fence with Keisha Buchanan's look. I like it, but her 'girls' are distracting me.

The Rosendales - Again

I like Kanye in his suited swagger. However I just weep when I see the slipper/shoe effort. Make it stop! And David Gandy.. *wiping drool off the keyboard again* A gay friend pointed out that the 'package' is not looking generous, but with that face, he can hypnotise anyone into not caring!!

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