Friday, 15 October 2010

Out and about - I am confused..

 Look at me Mel B is addicted to tight clothing. I really don't know what to say or where to look.

Kiera Knightly is undeniably beautiful. However this choice of separates failed her on many levels. Firstly, for me they don't go well together. The patterned skirt could have gone better with a white or navy top; and secondly, the blouse is unforgiving in heat. Not good Claudia Schiffer. Not good. There is no taste, as Michael Kors would say. He would say the same to Angie Harmon and her fisherman cardigan on the red carpet - a velvet ribbon does not upgrade it!

Estelle, dear Estelle. So near, yet so far from good style. And I don't know why Lala Vasquez is wearing a 'Cirque de Soliel' trapeze outfit either. Pretty smile though.

It is Miley Cyrus and she bought a dress that did not fit. I haven't done that yet, in fact, I'd rather buy clothes a little too big than a little too small. Although she scrubbed up well for the red carpet, Brigette Neilson looks too thin for her frame. This can't be healthy. I kind of feel sorry for Victoria Beckham. She seems to dress for the paps and never looks comfortable. This outfit is not working for me. And I know the shoes are Prada, but they remind me of PVC market stilettos.
Ali McGraw and her camel toe are really distracting. I would have saluted this look until I got to the crotch area (high waisted is not really catching on in this style either). Rachel Zoe is a stylist. I got nothing for this look. Nothing. I don't know what to say about Latoya Jackson. On one hand her body is holding up or being held up well. On the other hand... I got nothing.

I really like this striped sweater Rihanna wears here.. It is cool and has just enough design detail not to be overly casual. I'm not sure what I make of the 'boyfriend' blazer. The outfit does not offend me.  Katherine Hiegle is stuck on the matching velvet boots to her outfit (and fried hair). I am tired. I can't.

Kanye, oh Kanye. The bling, the gigolo shirt, the 80'2 baggy leather pants stuffed in hi-top trainers just fails for me. It fails.  My guilty secret crush, 50 Cent's look is confused. I think his stylist probably dressed him, but 50 then decided the look would be 'improved' with 'those' jeans - nice fitting black jeans or black trousers would have made this a hot look. It's all packaging and in the end, the yumminess is underneath.

Mischa Barton – I can't, I quit. The Hilton sisters. Despite wearing a short animal print dress, Nikki looking cheaper standing next to her sister. To end on a positive, I like Paris' shoes. Feminine and classy. Not what I normally associate with her look.

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