Friday, 15 October 2010

Out and About part II - the good so far..

Ladies in Black
This is the most lovely I have seen Mariah Carey looking for some time. She is glowing and not wearing lycra/spandex. 'Pregnancy' suits her. Chilli is too perfect. She is into her 40's and has not aged at all. I love this sequinned sleeved shift dress on her. Love it.  I have no clue what's up with Courtney Love. She is classy again for another event. Lets hope she keeps it up. Looking stylish and healthy -yes I am ignoring her worked on face - she looks clean and groomed. 

Too darn gorgeous is little Nahla Berry. Her mother is pretty cool too. She wears her sunshine uniform (denim shorts or jeans with a jersey top) really well

I think Koutney Kardashion is fashion bi polar. She can look really fabulous (like here for example), but then she seems to try to emulate her sister's style and gets very, very lost.  Kelly Rowland has really got her style together these days. Even though he is dressed like my dad, George Clooney still can't mask his swexy!

I do like this black an grey wool swing coat on Chloe Sevingny. Every winter it is a crusade to find the perfect winter coat. I fail most winters. Frida Pinto is the cuteness in these Stella McCartney printed separates. Beautiful. I haven't seen Minnie Driver out for a while. Even though is looking a little thin and pale, I have to say her shoes are fabulous.

And Sophia Loren is in her 70's, so I will respect her swagger from that perspective. Sharon Stone celebrates the joys of a simple well cut LBD. We celebrate with her.

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