Monday, 11 October 2010

Out and about - October so far...

Kelly Rowland is doing a little edgy with the electrical tape nipple cover instead of a bra. And I have to say she looks good. And out again with her former bandmate (why do they love London so much?) Michelle Williams.
I would have said they both look great until I copped a closer look at Michelle's wig situation. I am a little disappointed. She is too fab for that. 

How fabulous is Giselle? Britney Spears not so much but I see she's trying. That is all.
Natural = better!
Well done Amy Winehouse. She looks fresh and attractive and I never thought I would be writing these words about her. I hear her voice is back on top.

Beyonce looks so fresh and natural. I like her in diva mode and here too. However, Nicole Richie has deep fried her hair and it detracts from her more 'natural' look. I am disappointed.

Kylie is looking better theses days, more toned and less puffy (she was has never been fat). I am on the fence with fellow Aussie, Natalia Imbruglia's dress. However, I need those shoes in my life. People who know me know I love to wear hats. I am also coveting Cheryl Cole's hat.

The cheek of Lauren Conrad to start a campaign against 'fashion f-ups' when she is dressed like this. I am liking Mylie Cyrus' outfit, especially the velvet burnout waterfall jacket. It is well put together and suits her. And Sienna Miller looks beautiful too. I am however unsure about the salmon coloured trousers and aran knit jumper. Unsure

Rihanna will be doing this hair colour for a while. I accept that and move on. I think the outfit would have worked better with different shoes. I like the bow in her hair - and that's about it for the last outfit.

Amber 'look at me' Rose, keeping the tight look alive. I can't. Ms B is less offensive in this outfit. I can't say that I love it, but I think the lace-up leather pants and sweatshirt suits her. She covered up and managed to look much sexier than any of the tight/short numbers I have seen her in lately.

Day and night. Kourtney (I think) Kardashian sums up the phrase in such a literal way. Her day look is cool and natural looking. Her night look is a little forced for my tastes.

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