Thursday, 7 October 2010

October - so far, not great.

Why must I weep? I'll be strong... I think the grey jacket and t-shirt is maybe could have worked with something else, but then I fight back tears looking at the bottom half. Time to admit defeat and hire a stylist (or fire the one you have right now and get a new one).
Oh Rihanna. The fried, synthetic weave is killing me softly. I can't. And the garment choices are not any better either. I resign.

The Kardashian Sisters. I thought that this was a joke/70's dress up. But it seems like for real. And well, I give up. They obviously have too much money and time to play dress up. Little bigger sister Khloe made a mistake with this number. It did not flatter. At all.

I am disappointed with Halle with this look. There is an obsession with Laboutin, but the boots look like stripper/tranny boots that you see in Soho sex shops. And the top does not look like it is quality even though it probably is. Her face is starting to look a little 'touched'. I hope not, but I understand as she lives in Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus. Baby girl trying too hard to be sexy and just ends up looking ho-ish. I like the more age appropriate outfit here. She looks quite sweet, but damage has been done. Taylor Swift is another teen sensation that looks like she tried hard and failed hard.

Katherine Heigle..... I know I am distracted by the fried hair, but the chunky knit acrylic isn't helping this look either. I'm not sure that anything could. I think it's the velvet boots and monochrome themed outfits. And the hair. Also offending me with the booted look is Anna Lyn McCord. I like her boots, it should work but it doesn't. Perhaps with a mini skirt insead of hot pants.

Jamie Winstone is on another style plane completely. She just can't seem to carry anything off. My bunions weep looking at Hilary Duff looks in her pointed red stilettos. Agyness Deyne's anti fashion is a paradox. I get it but don't really like it. She is too hot for this. Alexa Chung with her 'look'.

The Shows
Dian Von .. I am soo distracted, like a car crash, I can't stop staring at her breasts, then her 'come hither' look and back again at the boobs - a vicious scary cycle. One word for women over fifty - BRA. Yasmin le Bon knows better. That is all I will say.  The Smiths just take fashion too far. They need to relax.

Mel B is just stuck in the tacky side of town. Her clothes and husband accessories just don't work well. It's just all tack.

VV Brown. What happened? Why? This is so wrong. Shame on you with those unflattering tights Charlotte Church. I really like Beverly Knight but I don't like this dress or Michele Obama weave.

Like Jennifer Lopez, Elisabeth Hurley is stuck with her look from her thirties. She just looks like she is close to 'mutton' these days. I recognise that she looks good for her age, but there comes a time to recognise the smell of mutton and move away from those cleavage squeezing outfit.  Miranda Richards made an interesting choice that I don't like. The ruffles confuse me. And the extensions and 'overdone' look is back with Cheryl Cole. Yawn.

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