Sunday, 31 October 2010

Not the best dressed - October 2010

Mel B. Where would this list be without your choices. Uniformly tight and cheap looking (I say that from a kind place). And I don't know what happened to Jada Pinkett Smith. Lost, lost and lost.

Where do we start? Mark Ronson all the way wrong, from the fried hair to the plimsoles. Aston from some boy band and Eli Mizrahi from I don't know where but they have distorted mirrors. There is no other explanation.

Family Specials..
The Simpson.. Ashlee and Jessica (the footwear dude!).

The Regulars.. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

No words. They seem to enjoy 'fashion' so let's go with that.

Kim Kardashian's doppelgänger. Where would the list be without Fergie?

Oh why? Pixie and Jamie? And you too Sarah Harding!

Birds of a feather... Ciara and Kim Kardashian. Their stylist needs to be fired and they need to find objective friends.

Lindy Cundy (I think) looks a little scary. I think it is the work she has had on her face. I don't like her choices either. I do heart Sonique. However I thinkshe should avoid these type of garments. They do not flatter her body shape (which is very muscular). They actually rob her of femininity.

Vanessa and Child. Is taste genetic? It's an honest question. Tess Daley and Claudia Winkleman. Not at their best.

Candice Bushnell wrote 'Sex and the City' this is how she is dressed. She looks happy Moving on to Ivana Trump. A lot of money, but I don't see the taste/style. Olivia Palermo's face is stunning. The dress is not.

I can't I quit.. The shoulder detail on Hill Harper's suit is killing me. I can't with Adrien Brody. Sorry.

I have no words (positive). I sigh.. deeply. Time is not kind to some.

Marc Jacobs, Shaggy and Jon Bon Jovi, I have one question. Why?

Madonna. Being as lesbian is not an excuse Melissa Etheridge and Sam Ronson (Portia de Rossi always looks fabulous). The stripes do not work for Leanne Rimes.

Michelle Tratchenberg's outfit could have worked better without the tranny witch boots. I am so bored of the uber high platforms. I think Katie Holmes looks like we all do when runing around. I just don't understand the choice of motif tracksuit bottoms. I also don't understand why Claudia Schiffer chooses to look like a middle aged lady going to play bridge.

I think of drag queen when I look at the picture of Cherly Cole. I don't knkow if she has switched stylist, but this does not seem to be a step forward. And I see raodkill when I look at this photo of Kelly Rowland. I am sad she is wearing fur, but on top of that, the outfit is all the way wrong. Nice hair though.

Ripped jeans do not work unless they are naturally worn. Illustrated by Stephanie Pratt and Heidi Klum. Her casual style has slipped of late.

I love Gladys Knight and Janet Jackson, so I will not comment. I weep in silence. Rihanna does not care.

 Tiny.. oh Tiny. And why the wig? Why the dress? Why? Who told you this was OK?

Konnie Huq, Charlotte Church and Rikki Lake seem to be nice ladies. I can't say the same for the choice of clothes.

Salma Hayek is too fab for this dress. Sack the stylist. Padma looks a little glazed and confused. So does the dress.

It boggles the mind that Pam Hogg and Rachel Zoe dress women for a living.
Amber Rose. Macy Gray. Cristina Aguilerra. I ask myself if these were sober choices. Julianne More, I have four words for this look: It did not work.

Yawns.. Paris Hilton. Olivia Palermo's face is stunning. The dress is not. Anna Lyn McCord, And Blondie. Bravo for still being around. Let's leave it there. From Iconic to HAM, Mischa Barton is lost.

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