Friday, 19 March 2010

The Ageing Special - the scary

These are my opinions only. I am not a surgeon or any kind of expert – well I watch a lot of makeover (extreme) programs and have an eye for detail.. but anyway, these are current and older photos of ladies. Some obviously have had work done and others demonstrate how real beauty is the most natural (looking).

Think at least twice before you pump posions or disfigure yourself in an attempt to hold onto what you had. And WHY DENY when the face you had looks nothing like the face you have?

Nicole Kidman denies any surgery/botox/lip enhancement. Umm. Ok then. *rolling my eyes*

More Celeb warnings when you 'read more'

Something frightening about Madonna before, it just developed with age and surgery. There is nothing warming about her smile.

Donatella Versace.  She said that natural is over rated. Are there even words? I think not.
Look where Carla Bruni came from. Someone who has fought her hotness and won. Why? Why? Why?

Tori Amos is 46. I have no words for what she has done since the age of 33.

The Final Warning.
This is the same girl one year later, aged 23!!. She looks like a plastic middle aged Hollywood housewife in the last picture. She should have stopped after the first nose job - she didn't need it. Too much, too far, too.. too.. Why? just Why?

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