Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not their best looks..

Letting the UK side down a little - I said it. Sorry.
Estelle! Why girl, why? This outfit does not work together. The shoes would be cute with some leggings, skinny jeans or with a little cocktail/shift type dress. The jumpsuit would work better with a little fitted jacket to add structure. The jacket would work well on... well in the dustbin. Her face looks like she knows that the outfit didn't really work. And Dizzy Rascal! Is this Moleskin? Velvet? Velour? I'm not sure what it's made of, I am sure that it is WRONG from head to toe. With dinner suits, it's best to keep it classic.

Still fighting his hotness!
No matter how hard he tries not to be hot, it somehow gets through. On anyone else you would stay away from him and his unwashed/unkempt look in anticipation of madness and odour issues, but his swagger can carry it. Still attractive even though he fights it.


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