Friday, 19 March 2010

The Ageing Special - The not so fabulous

One of the first (and few) black supermodels is doing too much to herself. The latest photo of Beverly Johnson frightened me. Really it did. *weeps silently*.

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Something in the water is not right here. Brow lift or over botox, I'm not sure what it is with Stacey Furgeson. To be cruelly honest I didn't find the before that attractive. I don't know. Hollywood, too much money and too few people to say NO.
Now her facelift is slackening, I actually think Melanie Griffiths is looking better. Still, I think the surgery she had totally fought the hotness she had (and sad to say, it won).
I think Tess Daly started with a bit of a plastic (botoxy-lip enhanced) look and has just maintained it. It makes people look a little middle aged before their time. She is considered hot though and I think she is probably sweet too.

This is Kyle now. Her eyebrow looks dragged up and at times she does look a little plastic. She is a beautiful lady and is losing it, not through age, through the fight against it. I don't advocate let yourself go, but looking after oneself and being realstic is better than panic anti age treatments.

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