Thursday, 11 March 2010

Paris Fashionistas..

Oh la laah!
Gary Dourdan scrummy in silk.

Vannessa Paradise, classy and beautiful at Chanel, Kate Moss, model icon. Leigh Lezark I have no clue who she is, but she looks utterly fabulous. The black skinny leg (leggings or thick tights) look is here to stay for a while it looks.

Oh No Nooooh! Lindsey Lohan
Why? Badly dyed hair, bad make up, bad fake tan, bad style. Why would designers want her near collections let alone sitting in the front row?

Sorry Kylie, the bad news is that the outfit looks wrong, but the good news is if you change your white tights (who over the age of nine wears white tights?) for black, or opaques with these shorts. Or maybe with some boots... And Brooke Sheilds looks a little muttony in this dress. Sorry to say it. Something for a younger lady methinks.


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